New training gizmo

In my continuous quest for the perfect body ( stop sniggering at the back ) I have come across a new piece of equipment ( Im warning you laddie ) called an "Ascent Trainer"

After my gym was refurbished a couple of months ago I assumed that one of the new machines was a fancy elliptical trainer and thought nothing more of it.

But it turns out that it is a cross between an elliptical trainer and one of those stepper things. Instead of the footplates being connected to a wheel at one end and some sort of crank at the other, these new ones are connected to a wheel at the front and two moving arms at the rear.

This means if the arms move backwards or up (not sure which yet ) then the angle of incline is increased.

The machine is supposed to give a workout similar to running up a hill or long flights of stairs, with particular attention to the thighs and arse.

Has anyone else used one of these machines ? I used one 3 times last week and could just mange to walk back to my car.
Have you got a picture of the said machine or am I going to have to move my lazy arrse mouse finger and google it?

So sorry
That looks mega chod. What a waste of plastic, they could have made dildos out of that instead.
I'd have to find one first, if you've ever been to Leconfield then you'd understand my problem, there are no serious hills around here


wtf is this shat. If you honestly cannot turn yourself into a warrior with a pair of trainers, a barbell and plates, your own body and some imagination you just aren't trying hard enough.

That; sir, is a ghey maker.

Edited to fix my rage mistakes.
It may look odd but it gets results. The problem with running on a steep incline on a treadmill is that you are stuck at a constant velocity, at large inclines this can be dead slow. With this machine being based on a cross trainer you only set the incline and the level, the speed is whatever you want it to be.


War Hero
What's the dress code , would Shadows and ron hills be suitable or is it strictly for the queens .
Leconsfield has stairs surely?

Up and down a few times... just like a hill rep session. No need for that pump machine.
Leconfield was an example of how flat it is.

Ron hills will knackered elastic and a ten year old Great North Run tshirt is de rigour in any gym.

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