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I need to get some new trainers and wonder if any one out there has been using the army developed PT-03. I have always brought asics which I like but are these army endoresed running shoes any good?
How about a pair of these

The Mk1 Road Slapper, issued to kids on the welfare the country wide :D

Goku said:
I have a pair of PT-03, they’re very comfortable, I’d recommend them.
Likewise. Good trainer for £30 (recent ABF offer) but at £80'ish which appears to be the going rate they are very expensive for what they are.


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have a look at

...and grind your teeth. I have a pair which I'm trialling - can't tell if their any good till I've done a few miles in them.

What I would say is that they are quite a snug fit so aim for at least a half size bigger than your normal shoe size. Look to have useful traction if you do any offroad running.

You should NOT pay UK Gear £80 a pair......might be worth giving Amanda at Army Ben fund a shout ...even before the knockdown sale they were offering them at a discount on the UK Gear price to serving personnel.... and she may be able to put you in touch with a PRI which has stock.

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Silvester, you mention Asics, and if you have a make that you know works for you, it might be a good idea to stick with it.

I have never tried the PT-03, but from reading about them, I have a few reservations. It seems they suit overpronators best. Maybe someone who uses them can tell you better, but I wouldn't think they'd be a good idea if you tend to underpronate.

I am between being nuetral to underpronating, and swear by my Asics Gel Nimbus.

A lot of the serious running magazines gave the PT-03 pretty mediocre reviews. As others have said, they'd be good enough at £30 or so, but at £79 you want a technically excellent shoe designed for your type of foot.

Sometimes people, especially neutral-footed people, are lucky and can use cheap to mid-priced trainers with no problems. But many people need to spend £80 - £110 to get the ideal running shoe, that suits their style and gives maximum impact protection for those all-important joints.

Before buying my first pair of running shoes, I read a lot to make sure I understood about biomechanics, then got my feet checked by a very helpful chap who is a runner and has his own shop (Northern Runner in Newcastle). He gave me excellent advice, and I tried about 7 pairs before I bought, and was able to test them all in a running area behind his shop. I paid over £100, but I am convinced that it was worth it. The shop also offers a free podiatry service by a qualified podiatrist should I develop any serious problems later.

It sounds like you already know what kind of shoe suits you, so maybe you don't need all this, and I am only a relative running newbie who hasn't even passed RSC yet! But I just thought I'd share what I've learnt, and if any new runners are reading this, it really is worth finding a quality retailer, and spending enough to get the best. Your running shoes are one of your most important pieces of kit, and you only get one pair of feet and knees!
My unit is trialling the new trainers, the trial ends this month. There are four versions, PTIs and troops, both indoor and outdoor versions. So far the feedback has been very positive and they appear to have been well received by all the participants in the trial.

The key driver as explained to me was that atm the MoD pay about £10 a pair for the good old Silver Shadow type trainer. However, due to a significant amount of lower limb injuries caused by poor cushioning it has been decided to spend more cash on a better quality trainer which should help prevent the aforementioned injuries. Thereby, saving MoD loads of dosh in remedial medical bills and ensuring more troops are fit for duty. It's a good old spend to save measure.


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I PM'd you...receiving ?

Just tried my new PT-03's.
I'd say you need a whole size larger than you usually wear-
I went up a mere half size so mine are too small for me :(
So anyone with size 6 1/2 or small 7 feet wanting a pair size 7 1/2 worn for only 20 minutes for less than £30 plus postage PM me.
They do seem like an excellent trainer and I would like them if they fitted so if anyone miraculously has got a new size 8 who wants to swap let me know.
Out of interest what size do these trainers go to?

My feet are messed up as i have 3 pairs of trainers in 3 different sizes and all fit me perfectly, so it makes it a ball ache to buy online
I belive I would stay well clear of the PT-03 runners when it comes to running, my belif is to stick with what works and that to me is the Asic Nimbus (I belive I am on my 5th pair now). I think the army should work on some new combat boots before they try to tackle the sport shoe market.

Cheers 2CB


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These PT-03's aren't mandated by the Army...basically the manufacturer asked the Army School of Fizz to trial the early versions....MoD also gets a royalty fee on every pair sold because they have authorised the use of the Army logo on the shoe and on the packaging.

Every distance runner I've met has his or her own 'perfect' shoe. Lots of people go for ASICS but others swear by their Saucony Jazz,Nike Air, Mayfly whatever. You can wind up with 5 or 6 pairs without trying. The Army issue Silver flash are an improvement on the old green things but I couldn't run more than about 3 miles in them without my feet hurting.

I've replaced my New Balance 851s (great shoe) with a pair of Brooks GTS (light and wide fitting) and ran a marathon in them last year (4:29 eesh)...not happy with Brooks so trying out the PT-03 'cos at £30 a pair from the Ben Fund even if they suck I can use them as a basic trainer. Haven't done any distance in them yet.

I think UK Gear have overpriced them at £80 a shot and would recommend anyone to go to either the Army Ben Fund ( who offer a 20% discount for Serving pers) or their local PRI shop who have also struck a deal.

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