New trainers, new legs!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by carlbcfc, Jun 1, 2009.

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  1. After having gait analysis and getting in the right pair of trainers I seem to be improving very fast, and ive only had them about 10 days.

    Pre proper runners I was doing a 3.2 mile route, 3 times per week in about 27 mins and that was with walking breaks and I was in pain for days after.

    Now with these new trainers ive just done 6.5 road miles none stop and it took 01:03:55, now I know thats not the best time but what should I be aiming for time wise at 6.5m?

    Im not tired at all and felt I could of went further if not for running out of water. Im just amazed how I can go from struggling at 3.2m 2 weeks ago, to an easy 6.5m in 23°C heat.

    And could I do the 3.2 miles route on the off days?
  2. What are you wanting to aim for?

    A reasonable time for 6.5m to me is about 50 mins.

    A good time is 40 mins.

    A great time is 35 mins.

    You are definately on the right track though. When I got my first pair of proper running trainers I felt like I was waking on air after months of problems with my knees, shins and feet.

    Get the distance runs in, and also start hammering the short distance interval work, which will translate to your long distance runs.

    Get yourself a heart rate monitor as well. They are fantastic and let you train to zone.
  3. Ive got a polar f6 i think it is. On the 6.5 jog its at a steady 88% max HR, is that high?. I do intervals at the end of the 3 mile route after doing the first 1.5, normally 2 lamposts. Hard work that, im having to walk the interval break. Selection is the aim.

  4. impossible, thats like doing 4 9minute 1.5 mile runs, would not happen.
  5. Milesy is spot on, 35 mins is very possible. Many decent club runners achieve this sort of time for the 10 km (6.2 miles) The world record is 27.01. Around 40 mins is pretty respectable in my opinion.
  6. Firstly make sure the HRM is calibrated for your age as the max rate varies with this.

    What you are doing is good. Just keep at it, and your max periods will increase and your rest periods will decrease. It did with me. Make sure to get some carbs and protein in you the run. :)

    Also start keeping a log of your heart rate first thing in the morning. If it is getting lower then you know you are getting fitter. If it starts getting higher you are possibly overtraining (or lazier lol). You could take your average over the week, or take your rate after your rest day for more accuracy.
  7. I'm off to get a new pair of trainers today. Anyone have any good reviews of trainers I should be looking at. I'm hopeing to spend up to 70 quid. Probly going to grab the Nike Air Classics again......Any reviews on other trainers would be great though...
  8. Look at 10k race results. They are packed with people in the 30 to 40 minute zone. I said 35 was a *great* time, not a good time.

    I can do my 1.5 miles in 9 minutes just now, and I can run a full 10k in 42 minutes. I am training to get that sub 40 now.
  9. I'd say 40 minutes is an excellent time. Considering running 3 miles in 20 minutes would be a good time.
  10. If you are wanting proper running trainers you should be looking at brands such as Saucony and Asics. My running shop does not even sell Nikes. They spent too much time in the commercial/fashion industry if you ask me rather than their running roots.

    Get your gait analysed if you have not done so, for getting the proper support.
  11. I havnt got the money to grab that type of trainer to be honest mate and I've been used to the air classics. They have been great. My right leg over prognates so I may ask what trainer the shop assistant advices for that.
  12. My trainers are Saucony ProGrid Omni 7, for over pronation and they were only £75 - that is not much more than your cost. Also, I am a firm believer that when it comes to your running trainer, money should not be an object anyway. Your feet are your most important thing to look after, which in turn looks after your knees, shins, hips and so on.
  13. 007 I went to my local Up & Running store and told them I think I over pronate, they stuck me on the treadmill to confirm it then gave me 3 types of trainers to choose from. 80 quid and the gait analysis is in with the service. I got some Brooks GTS 9 and in less than 2 weeks ive gone from struggling to do 3 miles to 6.5.
  14. Just purchased some nike air max BW classics. I seen the asics, there was some on offer for 50 reduces from 85 possibly last years ones. But didnt want to change from my original running pattern. My last pair were hammered infact they were my brothers. I hope these new ones will gain me a few valuable seconds. Bought new socks aswell they feel really slippy in the new trainer though. Thanks for the reviews anyway lads. :)