New Trainers? 20% Forces Discount at New Balance


New Balance had an ad in the last Forces Discount brochure the Adjt saw, and as his current set of pumps were coming to an end, he placed an order...

The bummer was that although they were happy with the 20% discount, the classic 'Can't Deliver to BFPO' problem reared its head on the website.

No problem, I'll send it to the BFPO warehouse and they'll get to me eventually... Wrong again - BFPO returned the order to NB.

So I took this up with New Balance and basically said that a 20% discount was a great deal - but not so good if you can't deliver to BFPO, is it?

"How do we do that then?" they asked - so I gave them the BFPO website and they set up a contract with BFPO within a week.

So now, you can get a 20% Forces Discount and get them delivered to BFPO, which I can vouch for as my new pumps were the first ones under the new contract.

For the discount code, you need to email and then order at

Well done NB for getting the BFPO thing sorted!


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