New toys for MDN

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tubbyboy, Jun 2, 2005.

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  1. For MDN and other discerning members of the site I have found some "special" toys at the following link:

    Special Toys

  2. What?! "Reusable": what's that all about? 8O
  3. I'm slightly more worried about the "Dolls are available in open & closed mouth versions" bit :!: :?:
  4. I wondered about that too, but even with the rumours circulated by Flashy, I didn't think MDN was that small - then again, who knows! 8O :?
  5. Not having seen MDN I can't really comment, but you do get to hear things
  6. I gather from the disclaimer at the top of their site, they have been getting the p!ss taken out of them by the various MDN clones around the internet...

    reusable limbs are so the dolls can be washed without the plastic degrading and so that parts can be replaced when the little tykes[ or big ones ] bash the playmates against walls, etc.. [ or when certain unnamed individuals get too carried away ] for open/closed issue, other than the obvious one of -well -erm - ..probably has to do with looking like the owner in some respects to establish a bond [ then again, it may be for simple benign pleasures well known to MDN and his ilk ] ..

    personally I prefer the fully poseable ' barbie type ' lifesize versions with a variety of wigs at $ 12,000 US; a bargain...
  7. What, these?
  8. Tubby!!!!

    You've been poking in my closet!.. but, hopefully not my ...

    for smaller more public displays, they have a nice collection under Adult Superstars at this site:

    I kind of like the Jenna Jameson jiggler myself...

    though the G.I. Joe femme fatales do suggest some interesting possibilities..
    nice Simpsons and Monty Python stuff there, too..BTW...
  9. They are fookin' disturbing
  10. Tiffy!!''

    LMFAO..too rich..

    you find little stuffed dolls for mongs disturbing but have no comment on lifesize boink dolls for companion-starved geeks and freaks?

  11. erm.... :oops:
  12. Whatever.

  13. what is really disturbing is that there are apparently enough men [ and, seemingly, women ] out there willing to spend 6 to 10 grand on a hi-tech ' blow-up' doll that it sustains a sophisticated manufacturing operation...

    wonder if they sell shares?