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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Jan 11, 2005.

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  1. [​IMG]

    New toy.... A Gatling Gun scaled down and put on a NAval mount.

    my old man created it from nothing but drawings and it isn't sleeved to .22 and doesn't function and hasn't had any Eley match through it. :D


    Lantern mag is on the side next to it.
  2. Your ' Old man' must be pretty talented that is a quality looking bit of kit
  3. nd it's a good job that "it isn't sleeved to .22 and doesn't function and hasn't had any Eley match through it." :wink:
  4. Thirty years at British Aerospace as the bloke who makes Round things fit in square holes and an endless supply of materials and machinery
  5. You are absolutely right, if it had done it would have needed some old Air rifle barrels from Blackpool Pleasure beach, which we never had access too
  6. How long did it take him to produce such a fine bit of kit
  7. 2 years.... many cock ups and the sixth lantern was on the verge of being forced somewhere dark when it came together
  8. At least the light would have shined, tell your old man how good it looks
  9. If it wasn't inert that would be very useful should you ever have a severe rabbit problem 8O .

    Very, very impressive though, were all the parts custom made? It must take the skills of a watchmaker to fabricate the mechanism.
  10. Yep, plans were bought in the states and amended

    Should have been mounted on a carraige, but MDNs mum wouldn't allow it.

    Instead it was placed on a Naval style mount
  11. Outstanding - got any bigger pics?


  12. [​IMG]

    This was an original piccy at Leeds Armouries I think..... note size of carraige, far too big for an ornament :D
  13. If it worked would it be classed as a machine gun or just a very fast manual repeating weapon since it needs a bloke cranking a handle to make it work (hoping I'm remembering correctly)? Not psychotic but just curious.
    In a similar vein my old technical teacher had plans to build a half scale Sopwith Camel when he retired. I wonder if he ever managed it.
  14. I have absolutely no desire or intention to take this out and play with it the next time I am at MDN's house.

    Especially seen as it doesn't work :)