New Toy (UK Legal .38 Special)

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Porridge_gun, Jul 19, 2012.

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  1. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)


    Awaiting delivery from Alan Westlake engineering.

    .38 / .357 used with a 148 gr Semi Wadcutter, 3 grains of nitro and a shotgun primer.

    Muzzle loading and fully UK legal.

    Not cheap at £850 though.

    Daft question - Would additional cylinders need an additional variation on your FAC?
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  2. I seen it in Gun mart , I understand theres a cheaper version coming out ,IIRC £495 , I`m having one ....when Ive got some spare cash.
  3. nice, it appeals a lot to me I must admit as well.
    looks like a colt style action, who was the original pistol maker before the conversion?

    blokes at my club have extra cylinders for LBR's I'll ask them this sat about the FAC conditions.

    edit- just checked out CptD's link, Armsor of the philipines, nothing wrong with thier hanguns IMHO.
  4. You should only need .357 ML on your FAC to buy one of these , Scalieback is your man for legal stuff , guess he`ll be along soon.

    Also worth noting you wont need a explosives license as it uses nitro not BP like most ML`s.
  5. just found this on the westlake eng website, seems extra cylinders are required to be on your FAC.

  6. Westlake's been making UK legal m/l .357's for quite a while now. He had a problem with one of his earlier designs as it could theoretically (and in practice) be loaded from the rear; the powder that is not the round.

    Yes, you need a variation for any extra cylinders and many plod licensing depts are averse to it ie don't want people wandering around with loaded cylinders on their belts a la Pale rider IIRC. Might get one extra and nothing stopping you applying for one (or two). Just make sure you say it's for a PP1 type competition where you need a quick reload.

    No explosive licence is needed as it's nitro and just produce FAC for the primers.
  7. I try and happy to be corrected :)
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  8. Muzzle loading?

    Bit ignorant on thsi sort of thing... do you load this thing like sharp would?
  9. In this case you remove the cylinder from the frame and place it on a small press , pour your measured powder in then press the bullet heads in , replace the cylinder into the frame and then fit shotgun primers in the rear of the cylinder , close it and BANG.
  10. Got you, so the thinking is once you've fired your 6 rounds (by the look of it) you'd have to go home to reload...

    Unless you've got a few extra cylinders.

    Gun law in this country is fcuking mental.
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  11. They can only be used on an approved range and theres usually a bench / table around you can use to reload assuming there not a force 9 gale.
  12. Sorry, I was thinking more on the lines of a 'Hungerford' or 'Dunblane' scenario...
  13. It can't be conversion, otherwise it would be illegal. Section 7 Firearms (Amendment) Act 1988:Firearms (Amendment) Act 1988

    There does seem to be a difference around the country about extra cylinders. Imx, just convince the FEO you take part in competitions that require quick reloads
  14. This is what muzzle-loading revolvers would have looked like if some bright spark had not invented the metallic cartridge about a hundred and sixty years ago.

    Jesus wept.

    We can't compete with anybody else in the world, because nobody else in the world has to shoot these abominations, only the English, Welsh and Scots. It's no wonder this country is the captain's dog when it comes to 'shooting sports'. Next Olympic Games there won't be anybody fit to qualify for whatever we are left to shoot. Mr Cooper must be rotating in his grave.