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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by PartTimePongo, Oct 28, 2004.

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  1. Just been browsing through some US Defence sites, and came across these new toys

    Further details here

    TTR-2101M Multiband Manpack

    The TTR-2101M is part of Titan’s next generation family of high performance tactical radios. Designed to provide reliable high quality voice and data communications over the full 1.5 to 108 MHz frequency band, the TTR-2101 is a true multiband radio system. In addition to complete HF coverage, the radio’s extended frequency range allows replacement of dual HF and VHF radio systems with a single radio. The TTR-2101M is DSP-based and incorporates key features that include advanced data waveforms, digital voice, ALE, GPS, frequency hopping and encryption.

    Brochure here

    The bit we're interested in , it weighs 8lbs w/o the Battery about 10.5 lbs with (BA5590 Lithium)
  2. Yeah good stuff, the COGENT/BAE variant is being trailed at the moment.


    It weighs 28lbs w/o the Battery about 105.5 lbs with Battery (LIFESPAN 40minutes)

  3. It looks a highly capable set , and STANAG too. Wonder what the performance is like ?