New Total War Announced

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by ottar, Aug 24, 2007.

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  1. Those that play the other games in the series may be interested to know that Sega have announced the development of Empire: Total War here. It's set in the 18C and now has naval battles.

    Full description and screenshots are here. All the screens so far are of the naval stuff, but it does look and sound fantastic.
  2. this is the one ive been waiting for now i can rebuild the Empire and kill frenchies!!

    now wheres my brownbess...
  3. Same - I've been waiting for a chance to build a British Empire, including the mighty Royal Navy!

    Where's my Baker Rifle?!
  4. Looks fantastic. Pity my crappy computer can't cope with anything after Rome: Total War
  5. I want them to remake the original 'Shogun' with the 3d (RTW) engine...

    EDIT: Seems someone's making a 'Battles Of Asia' mod which is just that, release date 15th of September!
  6. any further news on this?

    also, anyone playing the M2TW addon? 4 addons for the price of one. completed the britannia campaign, got bored of the teutonic one... the Americas campaign is fantastic and keeping me going when i actually get time off out here.

    tons of variety, new variations to campaigns makes it a very interesting package. and still not even started the crusades campaign :)
  7. I've got the MTW2 add on. I prefer it to the non-add on game. I'd say the Americas campaign is probably my faviourite, too.
  8. the empire version looks great il need to upgrade my pc to play it though :(

    but medievel 2 and the expansions are keeping me busy does anyone else think that the rome total war was the best i am debating wether to reinstall it i dont know what it is but i have a yearning to replay it
  9. Guessing SM2 6200/SM37300 card to run it decently. Still it will proberly the same Engin. So if you can run M2tw with no problems then the same could be said for this.
  10. to be honest i loved the japan ones. but the technology was ancient.

    rome was a very close second though - the original campaign, not the later addons.
  11. In my opinion RTW was by far the most playable of all the total war games so far, Ive had them all so far and its the original RTW that I keep going back to time and time again, damn those greeks with their Phalanx, those berks are the bane of my existance.
  12. In an interview, they said it was a new engine. They use each engine for two main games, before they upgrade. Apparently the new engine has more logical AI.
  13. And eight months later there is an interview with the lead designer.

    It sounds even better than it first did. I really like the sound of the new campaign map and the new recruitment system - no more conveyor belts of units running from strong cities to borderland outposts. Other plus points are taking cover and occupying buildings on the battle map, government and diplomacy systems, and the technology tree.
    And apparently, those two images on the first page are in-game screenshots, not cut-scenes.

    No mention of Africa or S. America, though - I'd have liked to have scuppered the French and Spanish Empires.