New torch anyone?

That's just pure, unadulterated rough porn that is. Still, if you're going to do a pupil dialation test it's always good to use one of them to incinerate the eyeballs first.
TWENTY 123A batteries! It's a 60 volt torch!

That's £1/hour to run the LEDs or £14/hour to run the main light!

Tempting though it is at the knock-down price (£800 off), I think I'll stick to my Maglite.


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I've actually seen this beastie. It comes in an ABS SUITCASE with the charging unit built into it. The whole SUITCASE with torch weighs around 35-40lb.

I er, played with it for a little while and it is quite literally stunning. Like all HIDs, it takes a while to warm up of course, and when it does, you don't want to put your hand in front of it. Bit OTT for a camping weekend mind you, unless you're doing a 'dogging surprise' holiday.

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