new topic text box thingy

when writing a rather lenghty 'new topic' question the box starts jumping around as soon as you get past a certain point ( normally the bottom of the box ). you scroll to the bottom of the page to see what you have written and it jumps back up again.
hope this makes sense and if its supposed to do this sorry.
IE8? Use the compatability view and it should stop doing it.
If you're using IE8 then up the top by the address bar, you have a refresh button, a stop button and a compatability view button. Just click the compatability button and it should clear the problem. It did for me but I'm now using Firefox.

There is another thread about it but I can't be arrsed to find it.
Sorry about the delay in looking in to this. It is (another) Internet Explorer 8 bug:

Because of this and the fact that MS are on the case I don't want to bust a gut trying to work around it, but I have tried to make your IE8 automatically go into IE7 compatibility mode when using ARRSE so you may find it's fixed, although not for me when I test.

Meanwhile I'll annoy the hell out of you with the standard cry - use Firefox! I know some don't have the permissions to install it on work PCs but for those who do, you know it makes sense :)
good c o, many thanks boss seems to be working for this call sign, only thing now, is that the google ads thing at the bottom of the page is now floating halfway up the page, not sure if this is a separate issue?
The floating ads problem is a real pain because it's very intermittent. We got the guy who did most of the work on the look of the site back to look at it, but he never managed to catch it happening. Other times we get little bursts of it. I think it's something we will need to live with until the next version of the site. Not imminent but will be a major change and hopefully see the back of some of our resident issues with the current one (and of course welcome new ones to the fold, but that's the way software goes!).

Of course you know the cure to this..... and it doesn't involve Internet Explorer....
Oooh i finally got brave and did the Firefox thing (techno-biff) and its fab, wish I'd done it ages ago! Thanks GCO
Good CO said:
Of course you know the cure to this..... and it doesn't involve Internet Explorer....
But it could involve this. :wink:


And this helps as well:

Thanks for that! it's the ads that pay to keep us running and they're hardly invasive - most of the time :) . Javascript blockers are not a very bright idea any more - it's so fundamental to the working of many sites that you just cause more frustration than you save ("bugger! I know what it was... my bloody javascript blocker"). Unless you spend all your time of pop-up ridden porn sites anyway.
Thanks from me too - I thought this was just my computer but was too lazy to ask. :D
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