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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by adzs22, Mar 11, 2007.

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  1. hello to all i am a new member i was hoping if anyone would be able to help me. i am looking at joining my local ta unit i was wondering what people have achieved within the ta such as training courses tours of dutys etc etc anyone that can help would be great
  2. Do you mean real TA, not Runescape? You need to scroll down right to the bottom of the forum page to "Just TA".
  3. Thats not very helpful is it ?

    I'll tell you what I've achieved in the SAS , sorry, in the TA since I joined 10 years ago.

    First there are the basics which everyone learns, how to hold a rifle how to march, how to pay respect and be respected, you learn that you are part of something big, something that no one on the outside can ever understandm you learn to be a someone not a kid on a street corner with nothing to do on a weekend. Learn to look after yourself and your mates, take responsibility for your actions, be trusted and be able to trust. I learnt how to drive an HGV, how to run a "radio truck" hoe to drive to far off lands ( germany) and blame myself when I got stuck. I can navigate at night to an ERV, climb to the tops of hilss to see what I can see. Be a leader of men and be easily led when my familys at home tucked up in bed. But most of all you'll have a great time, meet cracking mates similar to mine, spend time in the bar swinging the lamp, talk about ex's weekends and camp, you are what will make the TA worthwhile. good luck
  4. hi thanks whether ot=r not you guys see it as positive i have been a member of the air training corps for five years but now the time has come for me to leave the pretenders, as young members couldnt see the difference between discipline and bullying ( i was a instuctor sargeant cadet) beeing in the cadets was a good experince tought me alot. I was more interested in the down and dirty greens activitys then flying with an old man telling me i had control. i was thinking of joining an engineering branch as i all ready hold a national diploma in engineering. maybe widen my horizons
    thanks alot adam
  5. If that relates to my post, I would like to point out that I was being helpful. He had posted his thread in the "Second Life" forum and now it has been moved to where I suggested.
  6. thanks bovvy blonde new to forums so am a little niave but youre advice has helped
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Whichever forum you have posted in, the advice remains the same - go down to your local units and ask.

  8. Check out the MOD website for a list of RE units that might be near you.
  9. thanks for all your advice guys
  10. If you have an engineering degree why not join the REME TA, maybe as an officer?
  11. If you have an engineering degree why not join the REME TA, maybe as an officer?
  12. not another journo
  13. ok guys sit rep. I have now been kicked out of the cadets for bulying. I am not a bully far from it. I care for disabled adults which do not have left long to spend with Us. Also was not given the chance to stand up or explain the situation now for any reason would this affect me joining the ta. as far as i know it does not get reported to any other authority. Except for my wing. I would ask the officer at the ta unit but i have been told to go down in april. please help thanks adam :pissedoff:
  14. You must be kidding.