New to this. Completely crushed

After deploying for 10 months in one year and receiving a watered down SJAR for 2016/2017 even when I received a glimming insert, although it crushed me I decided I would push harder to achieve the rank of Sgt.

2017/2018 saw me as a CPL mentoring my Staff Sergeant who just completed his SQMS course, carrying out all Unit Applications Administrator (UAA), satisfing all external and internal requirements of the regiment and squadron. Being the squadron’s SME for all G4 issues/advice and otherwise while supervising and educating subordinates and problem solving. Along with being the Squadron’s PTI, Squadron’s Asst Diversity and Inclusion Advisor. While planning a cultural day and admin for JNCO Development week and in my “free” time still working on my logistics management degree. I received another waterdown SJAR that withheld information. I am aware I should have made it know in the comments that certain vital information was missing but I was always told that writing anything in the comments could be detrimental.

However, I did speak to my QM about my SJAR and the fact I wasn’t happy with it but with a B Plus High he would simple say wait out for the board results. My SJar according to all who read it would say the narrative reads as an A-, which if I’m being honest, after the year I had, I thought it would be easy enough.

My OC however, didn’t believe I deserved a place in the top third of my squadron, and therefore placed me top of middle.

When the board results came out and I wasn’t selected, I was extremely disappointed because after all that, I still didn’t know where exactly I went wrong.

In my OC’s interview, he told me I’m arrogant, I need to attend more meetings to be seen and that it’s the Regt QM place to fight for me. I don’t work for the Regt Qm, I am in a squadron and have no direct contact with the Regt Qm. That left me extremely angry as I wasn’t told any of this during my MPAR.

I spoke to my QM and Staff Sergeant after and was told I wasn’t liked in the squadron which is why so many CPL’s placed before. Also that I need to be more of a supervisor and do more problem solving. Which therefore meant that information of my work wasn’t being passed on too my QM which means in the squadron order of merit, I was left defenceless and my OC decided not to fight for me on the CO’s order of merit.

The top of the Regt was a junior cpl to me who did nothing special (according to his LCpl). He subsequently got promoted.

After this conversation, confused and angry i put in a SC.

In my OC’s interview after my SC was confirmed, with a new OC in the squadron. Rather than try to address the issue of the absolute career foul I received by my squadron, all he cared about was resolving the issue and even joked about me thinking that there is a conspiracy against me. My Oc went on to talk about emotional intelligence and just basically ignored all my issues.

My SSM who is also new in post, also spoke to me offline and suggested I organise an activity to get that extra line in my SJAR. Actually fully ignoring the fact that the G4 CPL within the SQMS Dept is also the troop Sergeant who deals with Reece’s/ administration. It’s like my squadron is totally mugging me off and I’m struggling to stay focus, especially as we are currently deployed.

Worse thing about all this is, my Staff is content with me doing his job while he drinks brews and tells stories. I am struggling and I don’t feel appreciated in my squadron and still getting treated less than other CPL’s within the squadron.

What is left for me to do?? I love the army, otherwise I would have signed off. I’m not due posting until Oct but seeing as I’m deployed then even that is subject to change.

What more can I do??


Sounds horribly like face not fitting. I’m. Not convinced it will go away, especially as you’ve already had a punt at officially straightening it out.

That’s the mob for you, it happens. Sit tight for draft or put your chit in. Bear in mind that if you bail you’ll have 12 months of personae non grata that will make your current situation feel positively rosey
What did your MPAR say?
you've put in a service complaint but the oc mugged you off? Is he mental? Stand your ground, and I'd ask for a posting. Yes the issue could be with you, or someone doesn't like you. It's not a conspiracy against you, you just haven't got the conspiracy for you. If you catch my drift. If it wasn't in your mpar you can contest it. NEVER believe that the redress box is for career suicide. Talk to your 1Ro first, and put your concerns forward. As long as it's factual. Ie, if he's refusing to acknowledge that you organised a do, write in 'i did this'.
My MPAR said I was doing everything above expected levels and that I just need to continue. No negative points. Even in my SJAR in the narrative it said I was excellent and outstanding.

Standing my ground with regards to my OC and SC would be career Suicide. He the engineers, they hold grudges and pass on information. I want to remain in the army and if I was to stand my ground, I would probably remain as a cpl with a failed career.

My OC doesn’t know me other than what I have accomplished. I didn’t have the time to sit up at SHQ just to get “face time” with him, there wasn’t enough hours in the day to accomplish all that was required of me and still have a sit down with the OC and speak about life. I expected my work output to speak for it self, I expected my staff to fight tooth and nail for me as I have fought tooth and nail for the department to stay afloat.
Would your CO/QM/OC/Staffy lose you if you If you were promoted?

It sounds like they want to see you at meetings, conferences, events etc but not hear you.

If necessary, see if you can pass something off to someone else to reduce the stress and improve face time
Yes. If I had been to promoted, I would be posted out, however, that would be sometime next year, but also there would have been a small chance of getting all my courses done and posted this year which would mean I wouldn’t deploy.

Are you therefore saying I was career sabotaged to ensure I remain in Regt another year just to deploy, baring in mind I am due posting Oct this year but I am still currently deployed as the only G4 cpl.
With regards to events; as the Sqn PTI I was stood in front the sqn 3 times a week. As the Asst Diversity and Inclusion Advisor my picture was plastered all over the Regt in accordance to D&I policy and attending D&I conferences. I produced a stand for the regiment cultural day. I was the admin NCO/ 2i/c on the Regt JNCO Development week.

I have tried but when the lads are more interested in whinging there is only so much effort you can put in to motivate them.


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OP, there seem to be a couple of things running at the same time here.

1. The SJAR system may not be working as advertised, in which case you're fully entitled to flag that up.
2. The people criticising you may have a point and for valid reasons. Broadly, the higher the rank, the more people you can get killed, they may not want to take on the responsibility of your being promoted to a more lethal rank.

If you want to disprove the emotional intelligence jibe, take some time to consider whether the criticism could be justified and then consider how you could improve and approach certain situations differently. If you can't do this, you should perhaps concede that they have a point.

Soldiering is not an exact science and neither is reporting. I suspect that the best answer is a new start with another unit, I've never heard of a bureaucratic arm-wrestle ending well for anyone. In any event, take a moment to consider if your behaviour is causing issues - it's that ability to self-moderate that really marks out a leader.
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Sorry mate... If you've been:

"told I wasn’t liked in the squadron"

Then you've an uphill battle. If they don't want to promote you then they won't.

Also, sorry if I've missed something.. you're doing all the G4 stuff but you're not reporting to the QM, etc etc. Genuine question - are the rest of the squadron cracking on whilst you're in a cupboard at the back of camp somewhere surrounded by stores? If so, again, you'll be unlikely to promote as you're not part of the team and not a fighting fullscrew so to speak. So you've not got much of a return for them unlike a Tp Cpl who'd then be an asset as a Tp Sgt, etc, again especially if you'd post out.

Seen it before. Good lad, solid worker, stores. Kept the Regt running but just wasn't in the right part of the structure to get promotion. They didn't really care about how much effort it took Cpl zz to keep replens in the field going, they only cared about how well Cpl xx had led his section through that FIBUA stand.

If you feel they're ******* you over and you feel you've lost the fight, then step off the gas and enjoy your role and make it as easy as possible for yourself. You still get paid the same.

Who knows. Maybe they'll notice and realise they messed up.

P.S - they called you arrogant. Arrogance and confidence can easily be mistaken - tread gently there because parts of your post nudge into arrogance, so that comment may not be entirely unfounded.


I was going to be flippant but I'm 12 years out of date with the system, I too was AAA all the way, but never got to where I thought I should have been, as it happens now I'm out and dealing with the same people in an association capacity, every one of them is not the twat I thought they were and in actual fact they are human.
They may not know it now but just remind them that ultimately we are all Mr or Mrs not the rank.
Flippancy back on, I appreciate your not long in, but remembering what I've just said why not try looking the CO in the eye and telling him you know where he lives. I found that often got things moving
Might I suggest that your problem is a function of the job you're doing?

In its simplest iteration, you're working in a niche department that's run by 3 people - a Cpl, a SSgt and a Major. Note that this isn't ideal for career progression. There isn't a traditional slot for a Sgt. To get this rank, or to be considered for it, it's easier if you're outside the G4 network where you can demonstrate your leadership potential. Stores Corporal, SQMS and QM are so often seen as "careers for life", which is fine if you enjoy the work and don't have aspirations to progress. Nicely hidden away, do your job adequately and nobody bothers you (because, outside the G4 circle, nobody knows what you actually do). Cushty.

But if you aspire, how does the Cpl demonstrate leadership and teamwork? PTI? - probably too much repetition, too little scope to show initiative. D&I Advisor? - have you considered that you may have got the job because somebody thinks that you have a lot of unproductive time on your hands? Admin NCO? - storeman in a different location.

It's also a Catch 22 situation. If you're very good at your job, you're indispensable. If you were to get promoted out, your SQMS will have to train up the next incumbent.

Perhaps you should be looking for a replacement. Take on more non-G4 duties but ones where you're running the show (to demonstrate planning and leadership). Actively seek assistance - to ensure that your task is a success, but just as importantly, so that you get seen by the right people to be demonstrating cooperation and collaboration (i. e. teamwork).

Then complain that because you're stretched, you need an assistant in the Stores. Not only does that provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate leadership and instructional ability, it also means that there'll be someone to take over if you get promoted out - you won't be so indispensable.
Thanks all. I will apply “pressure” where necessary and take a step back when necessary. Rather than going everyday, I’ll only go on certain important periods.
Yes. If I had been to promoted, I would be posted out, however, that would be sometime next year, but also there would have been a small chance of getting all my courses done and posted this year which would mean I wouldn’t deploy.

Are you therefore saying I was career sabotaged to ensure I remain in Regt another year just to deploy, baring in mind I am due posting Oct this year but I am still currently deployed as the only G4 cpl.
Could be

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