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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Fred5612, Nov 5, 2010.

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  1. So i want to join the British Army, i have been interested in joining for quite a while now but I have some questions.

    What is the waiting times before you actually start basic training? Since I have to move to England, a step-to-step application process focused on waiting times would really make my day.

    I want to join The Rifles but I would really like doing the All Arms Commando Course, seeing that only 1 Rifles battalion is in 3 commando brigade, will I be able to attend this course even if I get posted in 3 Rifles, 2 Rifles etc etc?

    I am joining on the premise that I am obtaining Economic Citizenship through Dominicia, this wouldn't be an obstacle right?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. all the information you want mate obviously needs to be very accurate. your best bet is contacting a british army careers office and they will give you all the information you need.

  3. I was counting on the fact that this forum has many ex-mil and currently serving people in it, and that they could provide with some info.
  4. mate you will get info on here from all sorts of people, and just because some poeple arent actaully in yet (inc myself) doesnt mean we will give out random shit. Any other bod on here will tell you to do the norm and contact a british army AFCO, wether you do that via the website or not mate.

    if thats your attitude towards people helping you on ere, A, you wont last two minutes in the British Army, B, you can keep counting.

    only trying to help squire.

  5. Wow, there's been a misunderstanding, I didn't mean to be offensive to people who are not in yet, I was just speculating on the fact that people with recent experience would have known the answers to my questions, i'll contact AFCO.
  6. Manc66 just gave you the best bit of advice you could hope for, and now I'm going to give it to you again, get your arse down to the AFCO if you are wanting accurate answers to your questions. Waiting times are something that varies so much in the British Army atm that I could tell you 3 months and Manc66 could tell you 2 years and we would both be right, explain your situation to your AFCO and ask your questions to him, that's what they are there for after all. And good luck.
  7. good luck mate.

    cheers upyer_sonny.

  8. Mate quick question why bother becoming an economic citizen of another country thats a massive pay out as far as i understand to then join the britsih army, why no join your own countries armed forces?
  9. Because me and my family intend to live abroad of our country for the rest of our lives, this is due to the dissatisfaction we have with the country we live in now (Italy). I've always wanted to join the armed forces and said citizenship will help us begin a new life.
  10. So you want to come and take our jobs from a candidate who actually wants to serve under our glorious flag because of your "dissatifaction" fcuk off prick dont need you serve the Italian military!!! You sound like your joining for all the wrong reasons, probably just want all the british benefits from the system ehh?
  11. Correct me if im worng but an economic citizernship can be around the £200,000 mark, and you going to do that for a commenwealth country on the hope of joining the British army, why not try italian miltary, cuz what if you make that gamble and dont like the british army
  12. LN do your EDL speeches in your head chap, use your inside voice.
  13. L_N what you going to say to the commonwealth chaps that you will serve alongside in the infantry?
  14. Although L_N does come off a bit strong sometimes, I have to agree with him this time :thumright: you are joining the British Army for all the wrong reasons and I don't think your time in the army will be good if you have this attitude towards the British army.. Why not go for FFL? And why would you want to come to Britain anyway? The weather is b0llocks ;-)
  15. I have said it before and i will say it again i HAVE absolutely nothing against commonwealth Soldiers except for wasters like Fred etc. However in economic times like this and with the whole military downsizing it is a must we should only recruit the bare minimum of commonwealth applicants. To be honest Fred and the ones i have met all only want to join because they are living unhappy in their home countries or are "dissatisfied". Not saying all brits have the best reasons, however most want the pride of wearing the uniform and to serve in the best trained Army in the world, i have no time or patience for people like Fred!!!!
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Not open for further replies.