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New to the site fundraiser looking for advice and support

Hello everyone,

I am new to the site today, having been pointed here by a collegue who suggested that this is a pretty good forum for help and answers.

Let me introduce our company. We are called 'Crown Recycling' and are a bit or a new company but looking to grow. We have been aroung for just about a year now.

Our goal is to encourage recycling in the services, cut down on waste, advise on re-distribution of kit to those who need it instead of canning it. When it really has to go, or if it really is waste, find a way to make it work/make money instead of being a cost burden.

The objective is to get money into units, charities and the QMs beer fund whilst at the same time negotating contracts with contractors to employ serving/retired and STAB types to keep the money in house.

I am looking for as much support as I can find. If you are interested in recycling, are a charity worker, your unit is throwing things away and you hate to see it, or just want to send me a message to say who you are and maybe I can find a use for you in the future, please send me a 'private message'

please check out our website for examples of what we are doing. Its a bit basic- i am not a web designer!

I Look foward to hearing from everyone.

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