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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Werruraz, Oct 24, 2011.

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  1. Hey guys, i'v been lurking for a few months and thought i'd jump in with a hello and a summary of my application.

    My names Danny and i'm 23 and after 3 years of working for Asda i decided i needed to do something with my life and decided the best bet for a decent career would be the Army, took me a few months to actualy pick up an application after toying with the idea and maybe another month to submit it but glad i eventualy did, i'm hoping to join the AAC, i got 77 on my BARB and passed my Medical Check a few weeks ago.

    Today i attended a Pre-selection fitness test and am somewhat disapointed, i passed the grip test barely, they slipped to my fingertips on the last set but more horrficialy i got 11:51 on my run, which is disgraceful, i'm glad i finished, one guy dropped out which didn't look too good. I think i stupidly opted in for the next Pre-Selection which is only 2 weeks away, do you guys think if its even possible to use these 2 weeks to train to a decent time or am i wasting peoples time and should train for abit longer for attempt #2?

    I'm 110% willing to put the effort in, today was a big wake up call for me and i need to pull my finger out.

    Thanks for reading!

    On a side note has anyone heard of HIIT? 30 secounds light jogging then 15 secounds of sprinting, i think about 6-8 reps, any point is this training for the 1.5 mile?
  2. Just get up in the morning and run 1.5 miles. Then do it again in the evening. If you do it every day religiously for two weeks your time will soon come down. Probably not to the 10:30 standard required, unless you absolutely smash yourself on the day.
  3. Pretty much what the last poster said... Run... Far and often
  4. On the day, push it for all it's worth. 2 weeks is a bit short as you tend to dip after the first week. As the previous post said, do your 1.5 each morning and each night followed by some push ups and sit ups to build yourself up to it. If you are really serious, you will pull out all the stops on the day and run through the pain barrier. Remember, it's worth iit in the end and it's really not all that far for a career. Stacking shelves and pushing stuff through a checkout at Asda is not really a lifestyle choice.
  5. You'll need longer. Two weeks isn't enough
    Good luck
  6. Oh yeah and re the slipping Jerry cans. There's nothing stopping you putting a bit of climbers chalk in your pocket.

    "On a side note has anyone heard of HIIT? 30 secounds light jogging then 15 secounds of sprinting, i think about 6-8 reps, any point is this training for the 1.5 mile?" Sounds like Fartlek, blinding for sport, great for the heart, bugger all use for you right now. Give yourself a days rest doing bugger all before the re-test and don't injure yourself. Better yet postpone it and give yourself time. I'm guessing you only get 2 or three goes at this. Don't waste it.

    Worst comes to the worst, just run your arse off and take painkillers before hand. Sort yourself out later.
  7. Yea deffo gonna push myself, i reckon i didn't prep myself properly, after the run i had a really bad headache and fear i didn't really drink enough prior and bought some running trainers a few days before... i usuasly run in Airwalk skate shoes which have are flat bottom opposed to running trainers with the heel, my calfs definitley felt the change. so i'll break them babies in properly and hydrate myself next time but realisticly that aint gonna shave alot of time off.

    Gonna run my ass off in the mean time and hopefully pass, i don't mind scrapping by because i'll keep improving up until ADSC and keep training till basic.

    Recruiter was joking about that before we set of for the minibus, i'm actualy tempted to give it a go with baby powder :thumright:
  8. Leave it a couple of months, plenty of grub, get in the pool every other day and swim till you sink and get the miles in every day, you need hills, gradients and an unrestricted route, alternate 3-4 miles then 5-6 if you can manage it, and see if you can find someone to run with, unfortunately 'learning' to run has no easy solution, just have to crack on with it.
  9. A couple of drops of superglue on your hands will square you away.
  10. Runnig in airwalk trainers ?

    Worst thing possible
  11. Good luck all the best.
  12. Get a known 1.5 miles, with known 0.5 mile marks. Run. Make sure you hit the first 0.5 mile in under 1/3 of the time. Carry on until you're in under time. Most of it's in the mind - oh, and breathing!
  13. 2 weeks IS enough time. You will need at least 24 hours off before the test but between now and then do as everyone else is is saying - get out there and train. You may find that some inspirational music on an Ipod helps you keep moving and takes your mind away from the pain. Train on a slightly longer distance so that you are mentally confident for giving it 110% for the actual distance on the day.

    Dont touch a drop of alcohol for the whole time and rehydrate with a pint of water before you go to bed every day. Go to bed at a sensible time - if you wake up tired you wont have the mental energy to train hard enough.

    Eat breakfast and concentrate on carbs for your diet.