New To TA

Evening all
this is my first post and was just wondering for some opinions!
Been in the TA for a few months and been thinking about my trade. Im half thinking VM in the REME and the other half thinking of Sigs.
Anyone give me some advice
Thanks :D
Both get paid shedfulls, if that's motivation. VMs get dirty & Oily, bleeps don't, esp tech bleeps. STANDBY, STANDBY...............
Depends what you want to get from the TA, most I've seen doing well in the LAD/REME are doing their civilian jobs
103 Regt RA - now ;)
Mine was swapped for a lion which mutated into a limping whippet
Lucent said:
Yes, I moved from RSigs to RA too. Sad to see my Jimmy go, but its been well worth it.
My only regret is that I didnt do it sooner..

msr said:
103 Regt RA - now ;)
Indeed :)


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