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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by BuggerAll, Nov 10, 2007.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Just signed up to SL - 'Keo Marksman' - uber-Walt name but...

    I'm on RnR Island just now and would IM for a tag if I new how. I guess its the new updated improved better PM, but I'm damned if I can work out how it works.
  2. You've been added to the arrse group.
  3. Found the RnR island, shot some zombies, how do i become part of the group? Hudson did mention sending a pm on here but i forgot the username, yes im a dick i know. Any help please people?
  4. I will add you to the group as soon as I get back online. :D
  5. Cool, Thanks T_B, alias is Fubes Munster
  6. Just signed upto second life and had a tutorial around RnR island, shot some zombies, then commando's....then got dragged glitching through the walls and out to sea, so sorry to the guy helping me

    Name: Playwithmy Hobble

    Sex: Furry thing :)
  7. name : killabstyle kanto

    not a ******* clue whats going on, all i know is i look like a bellend
  8. DC, no problem mate, seems like the island has crashed or something.

    Look me up next time your there and i'll give the walkround again
  9. I am on there as Choff Haystack, I have no idea what the feck its all about but it seems I can fly on SL so I am reasonably happy straight away :D
  10. Hey! Signed up to SL about a week ish ago, thought i'd just mention I'm Dandy Landar, i know, i know, another shoite name! wouldnt let me have any of the ones i wanted! Anyway, oooodles of thanks to the friendly faces that have welcomed me so far.
    I am in danger of never seeing daylight again, probably going to be addicted if not so already, this may be a HUUUUGE mistake!
    There are some Fecking hot AV's out there mind! (Is thinking that wrong? Or just desperately sad?! ha ha ha!) :wink:
  11. new to SL huh..well you've about 2 weeks until the boredom sets in lol