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Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by moore486, Apr 14, 2013.

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  1. hi all, been in the force for 21 years including boy service due out soon so joined to keep up to date with jobs, quals etc
  2. Welcome, you'll suss out the ******* and the helpers, the served and the non served soon enough.

    Enjoy. :)
  3. Especially the non served.
    They'll come across as "daddies" on the site.
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  4. Hello mate, have you started on the resettlement route yet?

    Take no notice of the poster called The Iron Duke as he is a career civilian who types shite.
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  5. That made me snort coffee from my nose. :p :p Welcome to the site OP and enjoy the slagging.

    English Yobs.jpg
  6. " Boy service" were you a drummer ?
  7. Welcome to the site. You will enjoy yourself on here if you don't take all of it too seriously. Also, don't be too daunted by civvy street.
  8. So what do you want to do for a job when you leave?????
    And welcome.
  9. Welcome moore486 and what wet_blobby said!