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Few points. Most of the posters hate Yanks. Don't take it personally as they hate anyone who is not in their fire team/section/troop or platoon/company/battalion/regiment/Brigade/Division/Corps/Army/Country (delete as applicable).

Also skin colour can have an effect. Also it may be that you are a Scouser but from the same Regiment - fine. However if you are a Scouser from a different Regiment then you are a cock.

Immigrants are a hot topic. Generally we tend to agree that the Welsh shouldn't be allowed in and that the Scottish are OK as immigrants as their country is shite (these statements may or may not be true).

All Yanks are yankee pig dog imperialists who are in the pay of Corporations and are too thick and bent on world destruction. Except any Yank they have meet and was OK. And JJ. And DavidBOC. And some of the other Yanks on here. Obama and Romney are OK the but the other one is a cock. Obvious Hollywood starlets with big tits are OK.

Other than that we are one big family.
Check in on : jumping jar head, if you are of a different political/religious/sense of humour, or a dog hater join the Navy section.

Welcome, which part of our green and pleasant land have you chosen to claim state benefits in?
Glad to be here. I see there some things to be put straight right off.

1. Rabid Chihuahua -Married a Bristol girl and when I retired she wanted to come home.

2. Guns -Not a "yank" dude but a proper "redneck".

3. putteesinmyhands -Asylum from what? Other than a president that shouldn't be. Keep in mind dude that I pay taxes in both countries every year. I don't have a rag on my head or speak a different (unrecognizable) language.

4. revmodes -Don't claim crap, I pay out though so the other oxygen theiving immigrants can suck it up. Not me though.

Other than that.....Glad to be here.