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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ibumchavs, Mar 26, 2009.

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  1. I'm sure this question has been asked a gazillion times but i'm an inquisitive fecker so will ask myself.

    Well basically since leaving school i've done no cardio fitness whatsoever and am pretty out of shape in that area. Could i get advice on how to start getting fit using running? i.e. how intense to start out at, distances, length of sessions etc. I have 3 days to spare a week but i'm not signing up for atleast 6-9 months so should have plenty of time.

    Should i be doing different styles of running on each day?

    Any advice will be extremely appreciated.
    Regards. Josh.
  2. just try varying your distances and speeds and terrain.

    And don't have a heart attack
  3. Cheers lol. I'm thinking of starting off with a 2-3 mile good paced run 3x per week and see where to go from there, really need to work on getting my endurance and speed up.

    I'd work on sprints but i don't think i'm conditioned enough yet to not die from flat out sprinting.
  4. Run on grass or through woods if possible, you want to vary the terrain you run on as it will strengthen your ankles, try to run a minimum of 2 miles at least twice a week and you will set yourself up nicely for training :)
    Don't forget to do some upper body exercise on days that your not running, press-ups, sit-ups, triceps dips etc...
    by the time you start basic training you want to be able to knock out at least 40 press-ups in 2 minutes and 50 sit-ups in 2 minutes.

    Please note, i am not a PTI... this is just my 2 cents, speaking from my experience ;)
  5. you could do like 2X 1.5 miles and 1X 3 mile that shouldnt knacker you out too much. then you can build and progress as you see fit. but you may need to start out only doing 2 runs a week at first.
  6. Thanks very muchly for the advice guys appreciate it, i live next to a common so can get plenty of wooded running done, probably around 2 miles so i'll give that a shot twice a week and see how i get on, will definitely invest in a pair of running shoes too.
  7. I would also suggest not just limiting yourself to running.

    Swim, bike etc.

    Also, do some trail running. Fun as hell.
  8. I'm bit skint at the moment havin been pretty much forced to quit my job.
    So can't really afford the gym or to buy a real bike.
    I tried swimming in the sea last week and nearly died of hypothermia!

    I assume by trail running you mean like in woods where they have the different paths etc? If so thats fine i've got one of them like 3 miles away.
  9. Ah fair enough.

    Yeah, woods or just bridle paths/public rights of ways. Better for your ankles and knees and the changing terrain and scenery is good for the motivation.
  10. but as ur starting out, just get out and jog first, dont do into it hard fast running, do it slowly and build up your stamina, then proced to go faster and longer, or you'll just knacker yourself out and put ur self off running