New to forum. Hi

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Russ84, Oct 4, 2007.

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  1. Hi,
    Thought I'd start a topic for my 1st post rather than butting in on someone else’s conversation.

    I’m currently trying to get into the Int Corps. The place where I applied is really booked up for the BARB exam so I’ve got quite a while to practice.

    I’m not great at spelling, and my arithmetic is a bit slow. However I do have a fairly high IQ, I’m very interested in Psychology and practical problems. Will this help sway application or is there a set score you must pass in the selection exams?

    The site is really interesting, I’ll have a good look around before asking anymore questions.

  2. As long as you can spell your own name ... you're in!
  3. No he'd be far too overqualified
  4. Good grammar, excellent spelling. Left the comma out after 'However'; I smell a rat! Come on Perevodchik, 'fess up!!!
  5. AND he did a Cambridge comma after "and". Perevodchik would never countenance such an atrocity.
  6. Well done for spotting the intentional mistake.

    What are the SLA rooms like up in Chicksands?
  7. I was thinking more along the lines of "mornin' CR"
  8. SLA? Hasn't he picked up the lingo quick, too? It's not bad, but the maid service has gone down-hill of late; all these Poles etc. but at least the extras have dropped in price.
  9. lol. Thanks.
    Maybe I should join when the maid service picks up again.
    Shame The Int Corps has moved to Chicksands. I live about 5mins away from Ashford.

    How many people are based at Chicksands?

    I was also quite interested in the extra soldier training. On the army jobs website it says that after your phase 2 training you then attend more soldier training and become a class 1 soldier.
    Is this because you need to be a higher class of soldier in the Int corps? or to give you a better feel of what the other guys are able to do? or does every one in the army become a class 1 soldier after phase 2 training?
  10. This is a wind up, it must be or else my spidey senses have gone seriously awry.
  11. wah check?
  12. Looks like someone who is posting during works time, so that rules out anyone still serving then ? 8O
  13. What constitutes working time on a Friday?
  14. Lol,
    Why do you think this is a wind up?

    Is it cos I’m being really thick about something and havn’t caught on yet?
  15. Too right - the wrong sort of question mixed in with daft questions, and too much knowledge of obscure TLA = journo or incompetent spy walt...

    Or maybe I have had too much plonk before I venture out for a long good Friday :D