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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Clitti, Oct 27, 2008.

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  1. Hello to everyone.I joined the forum last month but this is my first post and i would like to say it has been a source of much useful information so far and is sure to be in the future.As the title suggests I am a newbie,so here is my story.I have wanted to be a member of the Her Majesties Armed Forces for as long as i can remember and tried to join the Royal Marines when I was 18.I attended the PRC at Lymstone in Devon and was dismayed to find out that, allthough I passed all of the fitness tests and endurance tests and was complemented on my mental ability, I was 2KG underweight.I was told to come back in a year with a extra stone in weight.I was gutted to say the least.In that year I fell into a bit of a low,got into some bad shit and the wrong circle and was in trouble with the law alot.I then met met my now wife and she fell pregnant and i sorted my life out and got my priorities right.After a few years the lure of excitement of a life in the forces tempted me again and I applied for the Paras only to be told i had unspent convictions and to try later.Another refusal.So i set my life on being just another nine to fiver but after a few years in and out of various trades my missus could tell I was'nt happy and asked me what was wrong.I told her i wanted to join up and she said,"go for it".So I went to the careers office on my 33rd birthday and found out I was 4 weeks too old.But the Sergeant there suggested i join the TA and go on a tour and then i could be accepted in the regulars.I applied,went for my medical and passed and I have been on my induction,got top marks for everything and did my 1.5miler in 10:30,whilst suffering from a broken rib which happened in a celebration on passing my medical.I've been to the local TA centre where I was attested and sat my BARB test and got 72.Now I am waiting to get my kit and have been given the dates for the 1AB CMS(R) and can't wait to get started.But what i can't understand is when i tell people about how excited i am to be doing this they tell me stuff like "Your an old man,you'll never do it",or"You must be mad",or "They'll send you to Afghanistan".What is it with all the negativity with these people.I want to do this,I have always wanted to do this and was fed up just Dreaming about it,so i got up off my arse and got fit and just did it!
    Sorry for the long post and life story but i wanted to tell somebody who did give a shit...
  2. Good on you Im 35 and hope to do CIC soon ( the sooner the better ). You''ll find it easier than me :D
  3. Congratulations! It takes some determination to go for it a third time, so good on you. Forget what others say, who cares, you're doing what you want to do so as your wife put it, "go for it"

    Best of luck for the future!
  4. Clitti - good on you.
  5. Fair play to you, And Good Luck, I hope it works out for you.
  6. At last.Somebody with something good to say about it. :D
  7. You're among friends here.
  8. I have also been asked "Why the hell would you want to join up now,with all the shit going on".My answer is simple."Its what attracted me to the job".
    I'm not sure what trade I should join but I've recruited with RLC so i'll probably start as a driver,but to be honest I would like to get as many qualifications as I can.
  9. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer


    First off mate, well done for making the leap. You have nothing to worry about regarding your age, the average age at TA selection weekends seems to be between 28-30 with oldest in their early 40's. Question for you mate, with your earlier leanings towards the RM and then Para Regt, why did you opt for the RLC this time around? Was it because of your age or just beause they were the closest unit?
  10. They are the closest unit to me but there is an infantry and medical unit a few miles more away but in the opposite direction.I'm always looking for the greatest challenge, to test my self to the limits and to see if i have a breaking point,i have'nt found it as yet,thats why i tried for Royal Marines and Paras.
  11. Which part of the country are you in?
  12. With that name, he can only be down south....
  13. I aint no yokel.I live in deepest darkest Wales where men are proud and sheep are nervous!!!
  14. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Mate, if you want to learn a trade the RLC is for you, but if you want to push yourself then man up and join the Infantry! If you don't you'll always look back with regret.
  15. The trouble is I want to do both.I would like to get a trade and get some qualifications under my belt but equally I want to test myself and experiance combat conditions,so what do you do?My head says RLC but my heart says Royal Welsh.Any advice would be greatly appreciated.!