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Discussion in 'RAC' started by Stewthetank, Jan 5, 2011.

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  1. Im due to start phase 2 at bovington on the 10th of this month already know my staff they seam alright guys.
    Is there anything to expect down there or any advice anyone can give me to help me along with my time there.
    Also my regiment (Scots DG) is due out to afghanistan sometime this spring however i wont be 18 until august they will still be on tour when i turn 18 will i be shipped out for the last few months of tour or will they hold me with the rear party.
    I already know about "the not going to regiment till your 18" rule.

    Thanks for any replys
  2. If youve no got a driving lisence you could well be there for ages , I was.
  3. i have my provisonal hopfuly DVLA said it was sent to bovvy so should be there hopfuly i pass my cat b first time if not i got a few months to play with
  4. readin, ritin an rithmetik
  5. last chance shop tomorow >.< any essentials recomendated?
  6. Take everything - The prices at the Spar there are a f*cking outrage! Be prepared for Thursdays at Clouds...
  7. the mace? wasnt too bad when i was on phase 2 visit cheaper than the spar at phase 1 probebly cause its open to the civi's >.< the clouds cant go in there troop commanders banned it already havent even started lol
  8. Not a chance unless youre Phase 3 or permanent staff , its shite anyway. A very shiny cap bags if youre Scots DG fella, and alot of patience , if the wait for courses is anything like 2 year ago. The accomodation is mint though, but the plugs used to fry themselves quite often.
  9. yeah already been in my accom pretty good step up from the phase 1 sh!te capbadge buffed down already took pride in doing it during phase 1 i should have a few months free anyway not making regiment till august for a "new policy" reason
  10. well settled into bovvy now off foundation standards and just started the vhf radios plugs have yet to fry