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Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by RAF889, May 30, 2013.

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  1. Hello,
    I am not ex Army, I was a crab, 9 years served. After discharge I went into the Fire Brigade. Moved down under 7 years ago and am an active member of my RSL,(Returned Services League).
    I have lurked for on ARRSE for a while for the chuckles.
    I have registered as I want to make a post on your walt site.

    Hope you don't mind an ex crab being registered.

    All the best
  2. Welcome. Which TG?
  3. There's a lot of 'ex' everythings on here RAFman, and even some that have never 'pulled a boot on' in their lives.

    Just steer clear of bat boner. He has the sense of humour of a grizzly bear with his balls caught in a rabbit trap.

    The more of us Aussies the better I say.
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  4. haha I was a snowdrop. There's a story about being naïve but it is what it was so to speak.
  5. Nothing to be ashamed-of. At least you haven't claimed to have been in 'The Regiment'.
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  6. Photos, or it never happened.

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  7. Yeah that road is only going to lead to shame. Am guessing some artillery regt for yourself?
  8. Nope. AAC.
  9. cool saw your guys zipping around Germany in 84-87. Snail I only have a couple of photos of my time in the mob. It was pre digital camera and I have a malodorous ex wife who destroyed nearly everything pre divorce! I'll see what I can grab from a few different sources.
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  10. Don't get too excited. :)
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  11. Let's recap.
    RAF. RAF Police. Fire Brigade.

    Welcome :)
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  12. OP. Welcome. Now **** off!

    Seriously, welcome mate, I've been here a few months and it's a fun site if you don't take it too seriously. Oh, and it's NEVER a good idea to post after a few wets.
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  13. Pitswamper I am standing by to standby. Hurry up and wait seems to sum up the RAF though.

    Bryan how shall I **** off?
  14. Whoopsy daisy! Now this thread will run til Christmas!
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  15. Had to google that. I likely