New to all this

Just stumbled across this place and thought I'd say hello. I'm Lisa, 31, newly (ish) married to Andy who's REME, recently moved to Aldershot. New to the whole army thing and clueless as to how to go about gettin to know anyone in the area. Any ideas welcome!
Hiya, using hubbies log-on.
It can be hard initially, especially if you don't have children( am assuming this)
or work full time. Have you got a HIVE sometimes they have coffee mornings or meet and greets were they introduce you and other new families to some of the faces on camp. You don't have to do the 'wife club' thing if they still exist, but I do believe you have to put yourself out there no-one comes looking for you these days.

How about volunterering if you have some time try and get involved with some community thing. We have fetes etc and charity events every now and again and ladies do's at xmas. You may be an expert at something without even realising.

HTH good luck

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