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Two new titles up in the Book Review Section today which are worth you all having a look at. They are completely different types of book, but with two brilliant reviews by Udipur and Grownup_rafbrat you should be encouraged to go out and get these from your bookseller for your summer reading. Book Reviews

The first is Road of Bones by Fergal Keane, reviewed by Grownup_rafbrat which deals with the battle for Kohima - from both sides. A cracking book which anyone with the slightest interest in the campaigns in Burma would be well advised to get and read.

The second is The Future of Money edited by Oliver Chittenden, reviewed by Udipur. When I saw this book (I was sent a copy also!) I immediately felt I owed Udipur a favour for sending him such a heavy and potentially boring book. How I have been proved wrong. Udipur's review shows it to be a book which should interest anyone affected by the money crisis over the past few years - and that is all of us! The book is written by people involved at the center of money functions from bankers to politicians to academics and is a comprehensive and in some cases prescient series of essays giving the history, current situation and where each person sees the future for money. Well worth a read for the serious minded amongst you.

Also worth looking at is the review published yesterday Black Hearts by Jim Frederick and reviewed by Good CO. The book deals with an incident during the Iraq conflict by a US platoon, the background to the incident and possible reasons. This has already generated some discussion, so if you have read the book - let's hear your views.

The reviews are coming in fast and I have 3 more which I will post over the next day of so. These are:

No Place Like Home - by Pen Farthing, an ex-RM who has set up a charity to care for dogs caught up in the conflict in Afghanistan.
The Facebook Effect - by David Kirkpatrick, an in depth look at how Facebook has impacted on society
Pathfinder Company - by Graham Gilmore - a history of this unique Unit from the wars in South Africa

If you have read these books, or any of the books in the Arrse Book Review Site, why not put your comments on the book, either in the Book Forum or as part of the Review. Let's hear your views.

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