New title D and D

Just found out the new title for the D and D's will be' The 1st Bn The Devonshire and Dorset Regiment [Light Infantry] bet they were up all night thinking that one up :!:

any Glosters out there must be gutted :!:
Strange, everything I've seen says they'll just be 1 LI, and nicknamed "The Slashers". Still no word on the backbadge.

Being the SW regional regiment, I thought no real county distinctions were to be made, in the same way as 2 PWRR isn't a Hampshire Bn.
I thought it was going to be the Prince of Wales' Green Wellingtons.


OIVE bin led to believe that they will be 1LI with same cap badge as prior 1LI drill and all. They will have to neotiate regarding traditions but an LI Bn does LI drill which WHEN I was there was a tad different to the Royal Slack jackets.
In the same way as Li bns were moved to RGJ as in Ox & Bucks and HLI to RHF you take their drill but keep your regt honours. days on the piss and funny mees traditions but you will be subsumed by the bigger regt/new family. Assimilation is all, I was 1st Bn but we were never called !t Bn LI (Somerset & Cornwall) With a big regt the SNCO s and officers will be moved regularly inter bn and you will eventually be flooded with Geordies and Yorkies.

One & All
It's going to be 1st Battalion The Light Infantry. Foot drill, berets, badges etc etc all the same. Part of the 'come aboard deal'.

It all makes sense in the long run. I wouldn't want to be the 'odd one out' when the next cuts come around.

Interesting to see the massive whinging going on in Scots Div at the moment regarding names. As you all know, 2 specific Regiments were told to amalgamate, but all Scots Div had to have the title 'The Royal Scottish Regiment' at the end of their otherwise unchanged name. Well, the amalgamating Regiments have stolen a march on the lot by calling themselves 1st Battalion The Royal Scottish Regiment! Good drills!!
The 'Bloody Eleventh' were always a decent outfit they'll do alright with the LI. Do Light Infantry regiments carry colours? Shame if the 11th lost theirs in the amagamation/shuffle.
According to the brief i was given, it's going to be LI cap badge, With the GLOSTERS back badge, they still haven't made up there minds what is going to happen with regimental, traditions etc. the 1st bn DandDLI, will also remain as a hevey drill regiment for at least the first two years, once the inter regiment postings are underway they will then become a light inf bn :!:


from the LI official web site:
On 16th December 2004, the Secretary of State for Defence announced the latest review of Army restructuring, titled "Future Army Structures". Unlike many regiments in the Army, who will be merged and retitled, the Light Infantry is to continue as a Regiment in its own right.

One important change to the current structure of the Regiment has however been decided. The tradition of converting other regiments to light infantry continues. We are to be joined by The Devonshire and Dorset Regiment and Gloucester element of The Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment. We must welcome them all most warmly and we recognise the sacrifices and changes this means for them.

The Regiments' aim is to build an even more attractive Light Infantry of fully manned battalions with quality officers and soldiers, building on successes and exploit new opportunities with agility and vigour. Further into the future, the Light Infantry remains on track to join our sister Regiment, The Royal Green Jackets (RGJ), in creating a large Light Division Regiment. The Light Infantry therefore has the opportunity of building an even more powerful Regiment than Sir John Moore could ever have imagined.There is a lot for the Regiment to absorb following the 16th December 2004 announcements. The core identity, ethos and way of The Light Infantry will remain, as will that of the Light Division (Bugle, Rifle et al). Equally, the Regiment must embrace, indeed celebrate, the history of those joining us. It will establish sensitive, sensible, transitionary arrangements.

Our new Light Infantry Battalion will become 1LI, with our current Battalions renumbering to 2LI and 3LI. This, of course, is how the Regiment handled reductions some 12 years ago. It is so much more agreeable doing it under expansion! County identity will be retained in the TA. The Light Infantry remains vibrant in health in every respect of its business. The Colonel of the Regiment, Major General R V Brims CBE, DSO recently payed tribute to all the generations who have made this so. It is known across the Army that the Light Infantry has serious qualities throughout its ranks: physical and mental agility, the willingness and nerve to innovate, quiet confidence, and – perhaps above all – real decency.

These factors and qualities will see us through this next evolution of our treasured Regiment. We remain "Exceedingly Lucky" in the words of Sir John Moore and true to one of our motto's Aucto Splendore Resugo - I rise again with increased splendour.


Just pm with Gizmond
the bare bones were:To be honest there are so many senior LI staff around that what will probably happen is that spare LI SNCOs & officers will go to 1LI (Whatever) and most of the jncos and men from the D&Ds with them. The spares from the M4 rifles will probably be used to bolster manning shortfalls in all 3 Bns. This will probably be done under the old Lt Div 1st & 2nd Bn choice trick. As you pass out they sent the first batch en masse to the Bn with the closest Op tour due and the younger ones kind of got a choice if they were lucky. If like me you were the first of the draft to make 17 & 1/2 you got the unit of your choice depending upon manning requirements.
I can see most of the D&D lads staying together for a few years but as said in other posts as the RGBW is 10 years old who can identify the Glosters?
Be careful and assimilate with one eye on your future as the regt has always had too mant seniors mostly hidden by depot & RMAS postings. When we were crashed on spearhead in 86 to go to Aden (another secret story that thankfully never ran its course) the Bn was swamped by Seniors and officers clamouring for an op command. It was embarrassing to say the least. The regt is set eventually to fully almagamate with the RGJ in an effort to ensure its survival as a super regt. Even Rifleman are Light Infantry, you'll find out eventually.

Good Luck ex 1LI 1981-1988 (I grew up and got a proper job)
Well we have just heard from the Colonel of the Regiment and he wants us to initially become the Devonshire and Dorset Regiment Light Infantry (can anyone think of a longer title!) this is as the Regt Col says. and I quote:

' preserving our past whilst acknowledging our future'

I think this is only a temporary measure before we actually become 1LI. The issue of the Glosters coming over to 1DandDLI probably wont be until we are actually LI, unless they want to call us 1DDGLI.

[ people sleep safely in their beds knowing rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf][/quote]
Whatever the title it will still have the best lads in the army in it,

Gizmodnd, fellow donut, no truer word said!!!!!!!!

even the teds are good blokes

Semper Fidelis!

[I've neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to someone who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide and then questions me in the manner in which I provide it......I would rather they just said thank you and went on their way]

Col Nathan Jessup USMC
Calypso's comment about the Jocks stealing a march is spot on... I think the Jock Regiments have been let down by not being bold enough - go for it as 1st to 5th Bn without reference to the old names.

Considerable amount of compromise has left the Scot Div in limbo... when? what? and where? still need answering. when the next round come around (as they surely will) there will be the same regimental angst as this time. The effect on recruiting is painful (120 less soldiers signed up for the Scottish regts this Dec than last Dec)!

I hope the DandD and GLOSTERS and LI can make it work - we've got to move forward.

Rant over :x


The title Light Infantry was an Honour only the Sovreign could bestow, hence when the 32nd foot was honoured for the defence of Lucknow
“Her Majesty Queen Victoria, in consideration of the enduring gallantry displayed in the defence of Lucknow, has been pleased to direct the 32nd be clothed, equipped and trained as a light infantry regiment.”
Then when the next batch of reforms came around:
In 1881, as a result of the reductions in the Army which affected the whole infantry, the 32nd and 46th Regiments were amalgamated to form the 1st and 2nd Battalions of the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry.
Sounds kind of familiar doesnt it?
Anyhow not wanting to enter into a my cap badge is better than yours fight and having spent summer of 83 with the D&Ds attached (great lads) I would look on this as an honour from princess Tony and her Cronies. If you dont want it then can I go back to the 32nd Foot please?
I remember the jokes about a sgt Barret, "Buy a Barrett home!" answer on sanger wall "F*ck off it will be green and purple!"
I believe he was a tad regy.


The Somersets

In 1751, regiments ceased to be called by the name of their commander, and Pulteney’s Regiment, as it then was, became the 13th Regiment of Foot. In 1782 the Regiment was first associated with the County of Somerset, becoming the 13th Foot or 1st Somersetshire Regiment. The Regiment took part in Sir Ralph Abercrombie's brilliant victory at Aboukir Bay (1801) and was awarded the Sphinx super-scribed ‘Egypt’ on its Colours.

Service in the West Indies (1808-09) was followed by an introduction to Light Infantry tactics in operations against the Americans on the Canadian border. In 1822 the Regiment was granted the 4 status of Light Infantry — becoming the 13th Light Infantry — embarked for India and served in the First Burmese War (1824-26).

Even older as a LI regt and senior regt in the old LI bde 1685.

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