New threat?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by lazystudent, May 5, 2006.

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  1. I know everybody's been wondering when Persian Freedom's going to begin, but, being the scaremonger i am, I wanted to start people worrying about South America. Why? well...

    1) Spread of Left wing governments through the continent
    Bolivia, Venezuela, and some other's i can't remember. The leaders tend to look towards Fidel Castro as a sort of ideological figurehead.

    2) Tensions with the West
    Chavez is having daily rants against the US, Bolivia is having arguments over coca production, and the Argies still want the Falklands.

    3)Oil baby!
    Venezuela has plenty of oil, and is unafraid to use it for leverage. The Falklands basin is being investigated heavily for oil. The West coast of Africa is being explored as well, which i think means the East coast of S America is likely to be explored to (similar geological histories).

    4) Militarization
    Chavez is increasing the reserves to 2 Million, he says to repel an American invasion (how long till they get used for repressing dissent i wonder?)

    Come on then, tell me why I'm wrong
  2. It's not really a threat is it? We'd send Grant Mitchell and an one hour of a saturday night later it'll all be sorted.
  3. That and Ross Kemp, Henna would sort them out like he did with those damn Bukeians.
  4. Not much of a threat at the moment, thinking of a bit longer term, if these socialist countries for some sort of pact, or maybe some sort of united republic.
    God i love being paranoid.
  5. That's what Simon Bolivar wanted and South America is a lot less culturally diverse than Europe so it could be done.

    Is South America a threat? Come on. A nuisance to the Americans at most who have regarded the Americas as their backyard since the Monroe Doctrine in 1823. South Americans don't have nukes, nor do they harbour people inclined to blow themselves up whilst using public transport in major cities. Not much to be scared of there. As for Argentina and the Malvinas, they are not about to lay rest to their claim to them, but do they have the political will to have another ago? There is always the danger that some nutter might have a try iot consolidate his political base. Is it a threat to Britain? I guess a second invasion would dent her pride and the Islanders would be fairly gutted, but for crying out loud, the F.I. are so far away they have penguins living on them.

    Latin America has long resented American intervention in its affairs and if you are a politician to the left of Adolf Hitler you are expected to spout anti-Yankee rhetoric. I would take what Chavez and the rest say with a pinch or two of salt. What makes Chavez's position different to that of others is that Venezuela's oil does give him greater leverage in negotiation. We shall see.

    Crucially for Britain, Europe et al, geopolitics keeps us very much out of Latin American affairs. The USA has been so eager to make it a part of the world where Europeans can't come and play that she would be unable to raise a coalition of the willing against any recalcitrant republic.
  6. This post is absolutely spot on. A few US feathers were ruffled during the Falklands War, and more than one senior official voiced their disapproval of the UKs stance at that time. Since then the US have ensured that the S American continent a virtual no-go zone for European intentions, so if (and when) things do turn for the worst I cannot forsee much help going to the US, even from its "Special Friend" the UK. This is not a rant against the people of the US, just its foreign policies, which "suck ass". see what i did there?
  7. Did you know part of Europe is in South America? No i'm not drunk, look:


    Check the map, French Polynesia, it may be thousands of miles away but its not a overseas territory its actually a region of France! You learn somthing new (totally useless) every day :D
  8. If Bolivia and Venezuela start to use their oil for leverage and the price of oil goes even higher than its already is then the Argies may become more forceful about the Falkland considering what could be a very productive oil reserve around the islands and the economic position, but I think they would wait until we had built the infrastructure before another invasion and by that time the RN will probably have all their new ships in service and so we would have an even better bluewater capabilty than in 82 the Argies would be pretty screwed.
  9. If they try it again we could just drop a couple of ICBM's on Buenos Aires, would save alot time and effort, plus we could watch it live on BBC news.