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Re: Mrs Blair forgetting her Passport.
I'd have laughed my head off if she'd appeared on 'Airport' ticking and whining while waiting for her passport!

Gives me an idea for a thread. Which celebrities or other Knobs would you like to see in which 'reality TV' progs, doing what or having what done to them or with whom?(best put it in the NAAFI tho' eh?)
Dont know if this is original, as try as I might, I have not read everything thats ever been posted on the site, but could be worth a go!
adonwar said:
celebrity death match bush vs blair vs graham norton vs ainsley harriot.
throw in Dawn Primarolo v Margaret Hodge too - complete utter fuckwits. Could be thrown in any other program that involves non-stop chatting bollox and performing no-sense activities that benefit the clear minority...... like BB6.

Mo Mowlam and Anne Widdencombe as fat pot-bellied baconmakers at The Farm (CH5) and hope that some brave but drunk farmhand will grapple with their gonads like that Loos woman did :)
Lets get a load of squaddies mix them up with some blue-on blue loving yanks, stick them into.... ummmm???? Lets say a middle east fanaticle country and with no Gov. support and see how there do!!

Whats that?? Already been done? DAMN..

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