New thinking on Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, Jan 16, 2007.

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    yup i reckon it could work. We could even help ourselves a little bit bu importing the raw opium here where it can be manufactured into the legal drugs. Then, if we really want to, we can do a bit of good for third world (think PR angle), and donate these painkillers etc to leading charities, or hospitals etc.

    Or am i just being naive?
  3. Illigal Booze made the US Maffia, Illegal Cocaine created The Carlos & Co
    so why not try legal Opium ?
    I have heard Yanks argue that they is no way the DEA would ever do away with a 'Drugs' Problem that create a Multi Billion Clvil Service industry where the Director has a seat at the top table and Everyone enjoys a Well paid high status job which provides Collage/Uni for the brats.
  4. There is a huge amount of money to be made for all concerned if things are kept illegal (on both sides of the fence).

    Imagine if you could buy some smack from the corner shop? You can buy weed from shops in Holland.

    You would, overnight, impoverish loads of scumbags that drive around in flash cars, making their money out of drugs. Tax free money I might add.

    Then there is the tax revenue to be generated from the sale of said drugs.

    Then there is the tax money savings made on not needing such a huge police force, not keeping scumbags in jail.

    Then there are the huge savings to be made on foreign conflicts. We can keep the Afghans happy by buying their produce, job done; no fighting.

    We would have more money available for our armed forces from new taxes raised if it came down to idealogical battles with Muslims.

    I for one would dearly love to see all those fcuking low life scum who currently profit from drugs to be put in the poor house, or better, made to pay taxes in order that the rest of us need pay a lesser percentage.

    If people want to sign out of society in a drug-induced haze, fcuk'em, they would be welcome to, just so long as I don't have to support them.
  5. I'm in total agreement

  6. A Conservative front bencher, who also happens to be a friend of mine, wrote a book called 'Saturn's Children' in which he advocated legalisation of drugs.

    In later printings those passages were removed. You can understand why, but on balance I tend to agree with him. Gangland violence is reduced overnight and crime levels fall, all because the profit isn't there any more.

    Where the crime and violence is focused after that is another question though.
  7. Two things. The problem where the stuff is grown and the marketing end in whatever country. The crooks where it is grown will not just retire to sit on their verandah and dream about the good old days. The pushers ditto. They are incapable of work as the rest of us experience it but are able and willing to devote considerable thought, planning and logistics to maintaining their lifestyle. Any relief for us would be short term. Our counter-effects would swallow up considerable monies, people and other resources for something which is unlikely to succeed as a permanent solution. That is why so little seems to be done.
  8. So we introduce commercial thinking to drug taking. Targets for sales and profits, which rise year on year. This of course will not reduce crime since the poor buggars addicted to it will for the most part still have to steal to buy their gear.

    The only way forward is to have free access to supervised drug taking - cancelling the need for theft and forcing the dealers out of the supplying trade
  9. This thread should be re-titled Sensible thinking on Afghanistan.
  10. Setting up a channelled process for opiates in Afghanistan. I have heard worse ideas than that in my life. If the Taliban can do it by intimidation and coercion I cannot see why we could not do a similar thing using more positive incentive schemes. Buy the stuff for our medicines, help their economy, get food and water and supplies and stability for local communities. In the long run it may not make them think "gosh lovely people those Infidels" but it may give them, and us, the opportunity to have a choice in where it ends up. They think locally and immediately and I think on this so should we in order to help them.

    How many years did they pay farmers in the EU to grow crops to be stockpiled or destroyed and never sold? If we are going to give aid to them we might as well do it in exchange for getting the opium off the street. If we buy it off them and we do not need to use it so we destroy it so what? It is still not being shot up by a twelve year old in an alley and we were giving aid to them anyways. If we do need to use it for legal medications then it is a relatively win-win situation. Afghanistan is never going to be solved easily but at least this might in some way go towards reducing one headache in the region.
  11. Maybe a point is being missed here.

    Forget the junkie issue - incredibly though it seems there is a world shortage of pain killers. If they grow the poppy why not help them set up plants to process it for medical purposes?

    Sorry... I'll get my coat.
  12. why thats a great idea, just what i was thinking,

    opium makes painkillers so why dont we buy it off the farmers, that way the dealers lose out, the farmers get a fair price and gang warfare is no more!!

  13. I asked this question on OPTAG prior to Op. HerrickIV. Just got some braying donkey type voice saying that he had studied the problem and that the Indian and Turkish solutions "won't work."
    A short while later I was lying down in a poppy field watching Mrs. Farmer wave a green flag at us. The field was the family's only cash crop.
    I took a poppy head as a souvenir and planted the seeds in a hesco wall in bastion!
    CDT for doley's and all govt. employees. Free CDT for private employers. Nuke Glasgow.= no more drug trade.