New theory on creation of officers and leaders

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by otterlygreat, Sep 25, 2009.

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  1. Following extensive research, there is now proof of the following, the Charles Darwins evolution theory was correct, and also the bible is correct on how humans came to be.

    The apes developed into humans as that is the perfect form and shape to be in the owrld, god proved this by putting us here in his own image, apes followed on from gods creation, making two tribes of humans more or less the same.

    But there is a difference, those of us descended from gods tribe became officers, leaders, managers and company directors, the tribe descended from apes became the ranks, shift workers, cleaners and general dirt, the half breeds, inter bred and other cross breeds became senior ncos, shift managers, junior managers, general lower leadership stuff, the level of the lower leadership depends on the level of your ctrossbreeding, a true blue gods tribe becomes a general, mp, director, a cross breed who breds up will have a son who moves up the ranks, see all explained, arguments over. The tribe descended from apes are the ones who are atheists, devil worshipers etc, gods tribe attend church in varying degrees of seniority, years of argument over, both schools of thought correct, and most fighting over, agree??
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    Put the screw-cap back on the bottle of paraffin and get your head down. You'll feel better tomorrow and this will all seem like a horrid dream.
  3. It just came to me the idea, and it seemed to make sense of the whole mess, got loads of these explanations going on, its great
  4. HOLE.
  5. I agree that you're mad as a box of frogs.

  6. I am not mad, I have been awake for 4 days and nights working this onw out, I even left my mate to be attacked by a group of old men to think it through, come on, it works dont it
  7. Wah and a poor one
  8. And this is the Intelligence Cell???
  9. Nice to see you back, Scrof.
  10. So wait....god made the apes and then made them evolve into humans? Or the apes were there already, then when god made the universe he made the space apes evolve into humans?

    Sort the typos out and you could publish that in New Scientist.

    Wish I was joking tbh.
  11. A PhD waiting to fail!
  12. The apes were already here, god created man on this planet, the planet was already here, created by the universe and big bang theory, god is a seperate force, he just wanted to create something, the planet was the only one with life on it at the time
  13. So the only planet with life on it, and god decides to come in and start monkeying about, creating one master race of humans and evolving a random line of animals into a subservient set of humans because its sunday and he is bored?

    sounds like a real jerk
  14. Kind of, he knew the apes would evolve into subserviant humans, he believes in the use of animals for the Master Race gain, but the apes evolved from nature, it was here already, he just had a good result