New theatre for urban terrorism, IEDs and a secret militia

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Jan 16, 2007.

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  1. What fresh horror is this? Where else in the world could the local peace be shattered by 200 explosions since September 2004, all caused by a local militia with huge popular support rising up against cruel oppression of tyrants, who have now put a price on the heads of these evil-doers???

    Why, Lewes in East Sussex of course

    Exploding meters, parking vigilantes and a suspicious silence in a sleepy Sussex town

    The respectable looking lady at the tea shop in the Sussex market town of Lewes was an unlikely advocate of urban terrorism. "Everyone I know is secretly pleased about the attacks. No one would mind if every last one was blown to pieces," she confided in a hushed tone.

    "If I knew who was carrying out the explosions I wouldn't tell the police. Good luck to them, I say," she added.

    So what is the object of such passion and hatred in a town usually associated with literature, music, antiques, and good taste?

    It is the parking meter.
  2. Lewes is the home of the MOST outrageous and fun bonfire night in the UK every year. tens of thousands gather to let off every pyro they've saved all year in this explosive event.

    It stands to reason that when another disservice is done to these fine townsfolk that they should respond in a time honoured manner.

    Good drills Lewes, see you again this year (with my big bag of bangs). ;-)
  3. I was hoping the story would be about speed cameras.

  4. And Lewes is in SUSSEX, and has a long-standing difference with the SUSSEX Constabulary.

    And the phrase is "A SUSSEX man will not be druv".

    ... that started in 1934

    It actually prides itself more on its response to the arrival of the railway, especially when it was used to bring a couple of hundred constables down from London to prevent the bonfire celebrations in the 1840s -- all the peelers were thrown in the river.

    The Pope that suffers is not the current incumbent, but the one who ordered the burning of the SUSSEX Martyrs.

    More power to Lewes !.

    PS - East/West Sussex are councils created by that cnut Heath. SUSSEX is the place

    What shall we do with him?? .......... BUUUUUUUURN HIM !
  5. You wait 'til they pick up on 4th Generation Warfare..