New: The Special Reconnissance Regt

- feature in Soldier. It is to be under the command of DSF and cap badge is a Greek Corinthian Helmet super imposed on a Special Forces Dagger with the title "Reconaissance" benieth it.

Is this the new unit initially described as "Ranger" SF support Regt and based on 1 Para?

The"1 Para" unit was to have the SF medical Support Troop, a SF flight from the AAC, RN, RM and RAF eliments. If it is the new Special Recce Regt, according to a report in soldier its going to absorb 14 Int as well.

Interesting stuff, I wonder what the Reserve component, if any, will be.



My understanding is that they are an anti terrorist Reg.
I don’t believe that this is a role the TA could take on, so I don’t believe we’ll be seeing any TA units with their cap badge.
They will, of course, need combat support units attached to them. This may be an area where the TA could be involved.
No this has been described on arrse loads of times . The new SRR unit is nothing to do with Para reg/ new Ranger type unit. That unit is a totally different unit altogether . IS THAT CLEAR ?????????????

Actually old chap I am new to ARRSE and hadn't read the previous posts. First I read an article in the paper on a new "Ranger" unit, then I saw the article in Soldier on the SRR, added 2 plus 2 and got 5, which by Dorset standards is pretty good.

Two new units? I wonder what the Army has to give up to pay for it?

At least two infantry battalions I suppose.

I would have thought that given the new SRS is looking for operators from minority ethnic backgrounds, languages and other specialist skills then it might well be that (like the Intelligence Corps) that there might be some sort of role for reservists.

Whether this means badged TA personnel remains to be seen.


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