New Term

Michaelmass term starts this week, so the recruiting tents should be up at the fresher's fairs.

Some of you chaps must have invested your hard earned £120 bounties in digital cameras, so make sure you get some decent shots of the totty uploaded onto this thread for vetting purposes.  ;D

Recon Platoon.....Platoon SHUN!

To your duties.....Dissmiss.
Just please please leave out any from DUNDEE - from experience they get nervous when the moose hunting season starts


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Last year the London universities had a laugh at the OTC's expense by putting the recruiting stands next to all the Islam Societies...
At least they were allowed to have a stand at Fresher’s Fair, a few years back we weren’t allowed to erect a stand in the Students Union (SU). So we deployed onto the common land grass outside the union hall. And I mean deployed.

Vehicles, light guns (artillery), weapons stands, soldiers we had the RAF join and even that funny Navy section thing. You had to walk through an 18x24 tent to get to the SU doors.

The gays and lesbian society came out to protest against us (amounts other things) and brought TV crews trying to get us into an on air fight. Never been so well recruited best PR we ever had. And they all looked like tw@ts with the army boys looking very composed and professional. 8) Just saying it was their right to free speech and that the military was around to provide the freedom so they could act like that. They soon shut up.

Got together with the Field Sports Society later that year and kicked the sh!t out of the poofters in a massive free for all in the bar. Ah the good old days ;D
We had fun in Nottingham one year.

The whole rugby club and their mates joined the gay and lesbian society, at the first meeting the rugby club captain was voted in as president, his first motion was to disband the society, funny old thing he achieved a strong majority and tehy closed it down for a couple of weeks until the lefties managed to resurrect it ;D

It was the same year that Loughborough union put us (EMUAS) the OTC and the TA in the same side room as greenpeace, CND and the socialist worker mob led to some interesting debates!
Yes, yes, yes, wonderful memories from the educated amongst you.........but where are the chick-pics that Woopert spoke about?
You lot are supposed to be the future of the British Army, yet you can't even organise a digital camera at a recruiting stand!!! COME ON!

It seems you are too busy talking about the relative worth of quasi-Junginsm over Descarte in a post-Copernacum paradigm to do anything bloody useful. Students! Useless, the lot of you!
You want to try sharing a freshers fair with Sinn Fein!!  Seriously though, few years ago saw the poor OTC sods had been given a stand directly opposite theirs!!  Even better is that from what I belive, this year is the first in four or five the S.U. have allowed them on Union grounds.  Not great for recruitment though I would say, still manage to get some lovely little honey's mind you so fair play to them!!


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Right, you lot!

Start posting pics soon, or I will be angry!
Got some right minggers, but don't know how to get them up for the lads and now even the lasses after all we are all equal.
Speak to Eagle. London UOTC has some good lookers in Athlone this year I am led to believe!
reeaally! I must talk to eagle more closely
Liverpool OTC

Exeter OTC

Well done that PtP!

Right you 'orrible lot, get posting or I will start dishing out the extras like a dose of the clap on a Kenyan deployment!

ok, yeah, they're totty but not exactly what I would call lookers.  Still, it's better then nothing I suppose...


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Right Gentlemen, this little lot needs a bit of attention.

I have the ability to send A3 COLOUR posters of ARRSE (large quantities) to your address.  Send Me a PM and I'll mail them.

Then YOU must post pics of totty.  OR send them to visit me in the South West!
need       more       totty!

C'mon people, turn a few more tricks or whatever you have to do..... get some pics posted pronto.
Speak to Eagle. London UOTC has some good lookers in Athlone this year I am led to believe!
Dunno about the London lot...........

.......but maybe the Tayforth ones!!!

Oh, the power!  No, I couldn't - hardly professional of me eh?!  ;D

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