New "tent" on the market

Here's a new take on Hammocks - LINKY

In your own time :)
It's cool as long as you camp in forests so rather limited in the uk.
It's cool as long as you camp in forests so rather limited in the uk.
I would have thought being camp in forests was very much a UK thing. Maybe we should ask Jarrod?
The 2 man tent weights 8 Kg. The scaffolding required to errect it weighs 150 Kg. Hmmmm!?
Hammocks are bad enough with one ****** in them.

I'm calling GIMMICK

Are there only prototypes in the gallery area and why isn't there a posted price

Feels more like a 6th form college design project gone viral

Never work, that is all
The ultra portable structure uniquely employs tension forces to provide separation from wildlife, including insects, snakes and other predators but also from sand storms, earth tremors, cold or wet ground, debris or contamination
does it levitate at several hundred feet above the ground?


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according to the website: tentsile provides shelter in every kind of environment with minimal footprint or impact. It is adaptable to suit uses including:

outdoor play - Really? Like to see how thats possible!
winter sports
wildlife filming
scientific research
8kg for a two man tent that needs a shed load of trees.
the larger ones look great fun if you happen to have a wood handy next to a road for your car but not for backpacking or any serious use.
too heavy too complex and need plenty of trees/space to do the same thing a normal tent does easier
Looks an excellent piece of kit for environmental protesters to hide up trees.
Says its great for when Sand Storms may be a threat.

Not seen many trees in the Sahara myself.

Can see it being worth while in the jungle, if you have a coolie to carry it in the first place!

Better off buting a Howling Moon roof top tent if you ask me :)
Always wary of outdoor companies based in London. You would need a quite specific gap between the trees. And a ladder


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If I wish to sleep, a four pack of Carlsberg Special weighs around 50oz. A reversible hoodie costs £6 in Primark. Why the **** would I need a dodecahedron up a ******* tree.

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