New "tent" on the market

Discussion in 'Travel' started by happybonzo, Mar 14, 2012.

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  1. Here's a new take on Hammocks - LINKY

    In your own time :)
  2. It's cool as long as you camp in forests so rather limited in the uk.
  3. I would have thought being camp in forests was very much a UK thing. Maybe we should ask Jarrod?
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  4. The 2 man tent weights 8 Kg. The scaffolding required to errect it weighs 150 Kg. Hmmmm!?
  5. Words fail me! Can't see it catching on.
  6. Hammocks are bad enough with one ****** in them.

    I'm calling GIMMICK

    Are there only prototypes in the gallery area and why isn't there a posted price

    Feels more like a 6th form college design project gone viral

    Never work, that is all
  7. Forests can be fun....

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  8. does it levitate at several hundred feet above the ground?
  9. Can't t tree.jpg they just. :)
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  10. CountryGal

    CountryGal LE Book Reviewer

    according to the website: tentsile provides shelter in every kind of environment with minimal footprint or impact. It is adaptable to suit uses including:

    outdoor play - Really? Like to see how thats possible!
    winter sports
    wildlife filming
    scientific research
  11. 8kg for a two man tent that needs a shed load of trees.
    the larger ones look great fun if you happen to have a wood handy next to a road for your car but not for backpacking or any serious use.
    too heavy too complex and need plenty of trees/space to do the same thing a normal tent does easier
  12. Looks an excellent piece of kit for environmental protesters to hide up trees.
  13. I recommend a motorhome with satelite TV and a BFO fridge for ale.
  14. Says its great for when Sand Storms may be a threat.

    Not seen many trees in the Sahara myself.

    Can see it being worth while in the jungle, if you have a coolie to carry it in the first place!

    Better off buting a Howling Moon roof top tent if you ask me :)
  15. Seems ideal for crapping on passing ramblers.
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