New tea mug for chrimbo...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Schaden, Jan 13, 2012.

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  1. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

  2. Christ I'd be dying for a piss before I got to the bottom of that one.

    Funny how I can sink four or five pints of ale before needing to break the seal, but half a pint of tea does it.
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  3. And how are you going to instruct your man to prepare a brew for that monster, then?

    In a tea pot? Say four for the mug and one for the pot?

    Or a slack handful of about five teabags?
  4. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    1/3 pint of milk
    3 spoons of sugar
    2 English Breakfast tea bags
  5. You forgot the enthusiastic measure of whisky.
  6. When I was young my dad had a one pint coffee mug he loved. Used it every weekend morning so he could read all the newspapers without getting more coffee. (so long ago that the morning papers were 5 cents in the US). The mug is in my kitchen cabinet but too big for me. I like a large (not huge) mug of tea in the morning.
  7. Got a one litre tea mug I use all the time. Usually drink around 2 gallons of tea a day and piss like a horse. Two teabags does the trick, allow to stew for 40 minutes then nuke for a couple of seconds. Dash of milk and a tablespoon of Tullamore Dew (for that smoky flavour) for the first mug of the day to kick start the system. Good with a fry up to avoid having to get up to refill the teapot around the time you get to the kedgeree and fried tomato.

    Mug now close to ten years old and well darkened by tannin. My guts probably in a similar state.
  8. I'm yet to gain the dark art of making a decent brew, after all these years my brews are fucking shite. Not like my nana's - fucking mint, in-laws make a pretty decent brew as well.
  9. Got one of those tea balls you fill with leaf tea and dangle in the hot water. Works like a charm and gives a much better flavour than the sweepings you get in teabags.
  10. Tea ball, eh? Where'd you get that?
  11. The male tea tree.
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  12. Bah-dum-tish. :wink:
  13. Or using the "milk that doesn't go off".
  14. Here's a good start boil the water in the kettle then pour it into a metal tea pot with about 2 tea bags. Then put it on the ring of the cooker for a few mins to boil away then pour/add milk etc.