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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by fatdave42, Oct 1, 2007.

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  1. Can any help me whith information about the new TEA allowance :? I am a member of the TA, and every Tuesday I get a take out as i do not have time to go home, this also applies to a Friday night when we go on Ex for the weekend. Can someone please help me with what I am able to clam for this.

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    msr LE

  3. That would be substance Allowance. You claim it only if you can not feed at a local barracks. I don't think the TA can claim this allowance, don't you get enough money?and what is wrong with taking a packed lunch in advance?
  4. MSR, how does that thread help me??
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    Have you read it?

    Ask to claim TEA and if they say no, then print off the extract from TA Regs and show them.

  6. No, you cant claim what ever claim you mean by TEA? New legislation from the budgeteers is: unless you are on Exercise out of the TAC you will buy your own food in the same manner as you would if you were at home. Does that explain the claim?
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    And the reference for this document is?
  8. But at home, i have got a kitchen the I (ok, my wife) can cook food. At the TAC, i can not use a kitchen. So i have got to get a take out, or a packed lunch, both are more expencive then when I cook at home.
  9. I,m not sure but will find the exact reference for you and post it tomorrow night. By the I,m a SPSI and I am having a nightmare trying to get out of the TAC on every trg weekend. If you train at a trg establishment with Civilian catering (Barry Buddon) for example you will be fed for free.
  10. Thanks.
  11. There is an allowance called meals out allowance, which compensates soldiers who, for service reasons are not able to get home for their lunch/dinner etc... I am getting this allowance as I stay 45 miles from the TAC. You have to have more than 9 claims per calender month, therefore I am not sure whether, as a TA soldier you would fill the criteria. i think you may be referring to this.
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    I think he is referring to this:

  13. I have been updated by my PSAO tonight reference this claim:

    This was stopped as of 1 Apr 07, due to, well you know why! They introduced the 1/4 days pay in lieu. I hope this has helped or not as the case may be.