New Tattoo

Just got the first sitting and first part of my tattoo done!

Its on the front of my left thigh (your right, my left)

and it says in a really cool black font "The Last Laugh" :D

Just incase your wondering why, ive been through the last 3 years of school, getting sh*t from teachers and peers, saying how im gonna fail the army and even if I do get in ill be killed straight away and that im just a waste of space.

They once said to me, when your living on the streets, having failed the army, it wont be you who has "the last laugh"

So I decided to get this tattooed as I will have the last laugh when im in the army, doing something good, and theyre stuck in civvy street at the same school with the same attitudes!

Just thought I'd share that, see if anyone had any similar expieriences at school, constantly put down and how you got through it :D
Triffic, I've got a tattoo of your mum being held open with a size 4 speculum and passers by lobbing coke cans in her like a bin.
Wouldn't it be a good idea to spend the next 22 years NOT sleeping on the streets first? How do you even know you'll pass?
Thought you had not started your training yet? :?
Damnation said:
i take it, its not a professional one, as you need to be 18 iirc to have a tattoo done.
Some place's do them if you have an adult, well parent with you.
Damnation said:
i take it, its not a professional one, as you need to be 18 iirc to have a tattoo done.

Yeah, and my mate runs the local tattoo parlour, he took me down there after hours and i got it done in the studio

and for the dude who says how do I know I will pass

Ill make sure I do.
oh dear... there are many reasons that you cannot help that could make you fail! These people may have the last laugh after all!
They will have that if I fail only, if not

then ill appreciate my tattoo myself

even if current serving soldiers cant appreciate where im coming from.
love;y... I let me mates go to work on me when I was pissed the other week... regret it now... gunna cost about a one'er to fix it ..

D.P.M said:
...if current serving soldiers cant appreciate where im coming from.
I don't know where you're coming from but I know where you're going...into the shit with all the other morons, cocksuckers and deviants.
Im trying to prove my school wrong

I just wanna join the army

But whenever I come on here, people are always getting me down anyway, and theyre as bad as my Fcuking school

why are there such utter cnuts on here?

I just get the feel of "your not army yet, Fcuk off, we dont like you because your not army"
Matty0001 said:
D.P.M, whens your intake? 4th Jan?

Dont know, but im doing my application tommorow down the careers office, im 16 in janurary so i'd imagine id be going to harrogate next september
Does no-one think it's a tad odd that a pr1ck with a 2 PARA insignia as his avatar is defended in the same thread by whizzyshotupherarse?

The smell of sock puppets is strong here, Obiwan...
I would show you all of my tattoo's but that would not leave me with any anonaminity as they are all custom pieces, one taking a birth mark into the design.

But I'd like to add to what has already been said, it may have been a better idea to wait until at least passing basic before getting it done. I have known many freinds and also men (Ok kids I went to the ATFC 82 Trg squadron hurrah and all that) who seemed very determined that they were going to be career soldiers. Some didn't bother turning up for basic, some didn't make it through the first two weeks, some didn't make it to the career centre and one promised to give anyone who broke his arm in a cupboard a tenner so he could go home before the first week had passed.

Having said that, I remember being told by some of my peers that I was in no way Army material and wouldn't even pass the physical entrance exam, jokes on them, the fat buggers.

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