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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by leicestercitykid, Feb 24, 2009.

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  1. im very excited to have heard that the army is becoming more flexible with regards to its tattoo policy...i live in new york and i am a british national who is thinking of coming home to join the forces but i may have a slight hands are covered with tattoos...would that still be an issue in being recruited?
  2. Where did you hear this? This was discussed here a while back - have a search.
  3. If the tattoo is smaller than 2cm square you should be ok, thats the only relaxing we have done
  4. i looked up the british army and there tattoo policy online and it said that due to recent low recruitment numbers the army was considering recruiting people with visible tattoos aswell as people with criminal records
  5. The tattoo policy has changed, yes. You can now enlist with small tattoos on your hands and neck, so if your hands are covered, as you say, you may still hit a block there. I have the new guidelines at work, I will try and post them tomorrow night. In the meantime, do as MSI has said and bang in a search, to give you a heads up for now.
  6. Wear a pair of gloves when you go for your interviews.
  7. if u would be able to do that i would be very appreciative
  8. Bugger. Believe it or not, I actually forgot all about this before I left tonight! Photocopied this morning, put them on the side of my desk.

    They are still there...

    I'll get them for tomorrow night, definately!
  9. thanks bro!
  10. The guidelines that have been amended don't really make things too solid and down the line I'm afraid- they do allow tattoos on the hands and neck, but it advises that photographs are to be taken, to be seen by SO2 Soldier Candidate Selection at HQ Recruiting Group. There are pictures to show what is acceptable and what is not, and the ones that are show the likes of a small chav-like star behind someones ear, or some small Chinese script down the side of the neck. Unacceptable is a huge full coverage throat tattoo.

    If you can, post some pictures of your hands and I'll take them into work at some point next week to see if I can get them looked at, to see if they will be likely to block your enlistment.
  11. you need to go into your local office, let them see first hand, dont take what is said on the Internet as Gospel. Am not doubting Young Lofty, but you will have to go into your office anyway so just bite the bullet now.
  12. alright chaps,

    ive read whats being said with regards to entry as an officer....but what constitutes as an excessive size? i have a tribal design (not offensive or has any other meaning than a design) on my right shoulder blade which extends down the spine a little. when i wear a t shirt its not visible at all. could anyone help me out here. anyone know of any officers who had a tattoo(s) before sandhurst-who werent late entry?

    thanks, appreciate it
  13. Nothing on the hands or on the neck anything else is fine if its covered and its non offensive then really the army doesnt care