New Take on umping out of planes..

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Rocketeer, Jul 21, 2005.

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  1. These guys seem to think this is important...

    BTW.. this is an interesting site overall, plenty of bits on cutting edge technology and gizmos [ hence the name ]

    their military section is quite intriguing... guns that shoot around corners..and interesting ' kit' for the boys out front.
  2. I believe the guy (American) who invented this suit jump at 25k feet and "flew" some phenomenal distance and at up to 250Kpm. He held the world record for distance covered. In a later jump he hit the deck and made a big red skid mark.

    Mad as a hatter, but was willing to try anything.

  3. umping out of planes? Is that a new Baseball gimik?

    In WW2 the Germans had a rifle that could shoot around corners. Designed for urban fighting. I don't know how much actual service it saw.
  4. Is he going to have a skateboard or likes strapped to his chest for landing, would love to be there to see him cream, somehow, I just cannot see this happening, good luck to him though, I suppose :wink:

    The guy who invented this suit quite a few years ago was french, his name escapes me, needless to say he ended up in a Banana plantation after he could not open his chute due to the zip on the wing being stuck, which unabled him to release his pilot chute.
  5. It was a barrel attachment with a periscope-style sight, called a Krummlauf. As you say, no massive distribution, but there could very well be an instance where a trooper found a use for one, whipped it out and attached it to his rifle/SMG.
  6. Sounds like that Baumgartner (Treegardner??) bloke. Flew across the Channel with a set of strap on wings.

    Jumped out at 30k and travelled 35Kms at a top speed of 360Kmph.

    Personally I think they are all fcuking mad.
  7. Check the links on the left of the page. He's there.