New take on Mau Mau rebellion.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by filthyphil, Nov 6, 2005.

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  1. Dear Arrsers,
    Have just seen an episode of Globe Trekker, entitled Kenya, on foxtel. The presenter, one Estelle Bingham, was taken by a local guide to meet a Mau Mau "veteran" who resides in "one of the caves from where they waged the war that resulted in independence from the British Empire". The guide informed young Miss Bingham that one of the activities engaged upon in this hive of patriotic resistance was the construction of "bamboo guns". Miss Bingham turned to the camera and said in all sincerity "So bamboo guns defeated the British Army". Correct me if I am wrong, but a) my reading indicates that the Mau Mau were comprehensively flogged in the field , and b) their only military successes involved murdering and mutilating isolated settlers, and like so many "freedom fighters" since they sh@t themselves when opposed. I think this revisionist take on history is starting to become absurd, and I believe Miss Binghams' cultural background may have "coloured" her view of history.
    Or maybe I am an Antipodean redneck. Your thoughts appreciated.
  2. No point in complaining. There's fack all that you can do to change the jaundiced viewpoints of lefty career ambitious wimmin. They have their own agenda and nothing else matters.
  3. Din not see the programme myself, but this says as much about the researchers, directors and Pilot Guides, the production comapny,; as it does about Estelle herself.

    Why not contact Pilot direct and let them know how you feel: us

    The're out in W10, which is around Ladbrook grove, if you wanted to drop round in person. Perhaps you could take General Frank along with you??

    Unless I have missed hs obit, then take him in spirit

    From what I remember the Mau Mau "defeated" thousands of unarmed civilians using machettes and swan vestas as their primary weapon.
  4. Can't say I know much about their tactics or the results but I do know that my grandmother (white mischief, colonial, Roly-Birkin-in-a-skirt type) had to "shoot one of the impudent buggers who'd climbed through the kitchen window on his way, no doubt, to eat the children" (her words, not mine :) ).

    My gran's great :lol:
  5. If Ms Bingham or her TV company had taken the trouble to check facts with a host of still-extant KAR and other early 1950s-era Kenyans, both black and white, who were personally affected by the Mau Mau's campaign, she might not have made such a crassly stupid statement. As it is, her credibility is now apparently firmly on the 'korrekted history' rung of the ladder. The Mau Mau, like the Provisional IRA, inflicted appalling cruelty as much on their own people as anyone else, and had no positive effect on the country's history. This story reminds me of another visitor to East Africa some years ago, a black professor of anthropology from the US, who arrived in Zanzibar to write a similar 'updated' view of how the evil British colonialists treated his black ancestors. After realising exactly what his Arab 'brothers' there thought of him and his theories, be decamped sharpish.
  6. The truth does not matter in Kenya. I once shared an office with a girl from Kenya. She was and remains convinced that the Mau Mau forced the British out her country with their tails between their legs. Any evidence contrary to this is racist propaganda in her view.
  7. Of course it is. Theres no reason she should accept the genocide inflicted by the Mau Mau, she will be convinced its all British fuelled propoganda. What i really want to know is why we should give a fcuk? If the comments of the presenter or the content of the show bothered you that much, file a complaint. The world knows the Mau Mau were merderous scum, the attitudes of the population and the comments of 1 under informed presenter on an under researched show are really of no consequence at all.

  8. Whilst on a brief sojourn into the UK security industry a few years ago I was placed with an old chap who had served in Kenya during the rebellion, a few weeks into my stint we were given the task of training up a newcomer who had recently arrived from Kenya. As night security can be boring we did a lot of chatting and after some interrogation of the young man it turned out that my compatriot had actually hanged his grandfather during the troubles, oddly enough we never saw him again after that shift..
  9. How they must have enjoyed that particular trip down memory lane!
  10. Where I worked we had a very quiet and unasuming storeman. A man of very few words. i managed to chat to him eventualy. It turned out he was very heavily involved in fighting the Mau Mau. The sights that he seen made Jack the Ripper look nothing comapred to what these "freedom fighters" did both to the white population but mainly to their native own Kikuyu. Every conflict has two sides to the story.

    After that this unusuming man grew greatly in my respect as he never talked about his harrowing experiences. He is long gone now and probably took a many story to his grave.
  11. This streak of self loathing seems to run throughout the western world. It seems to me that the more successful societies become ,the more certain segments of society need to despise what has been achieved.I posted here but i guess I should posted at Current Affairs, News and Analysis but
  12. "a black professor of anthropology from the US, who arrived in Zanzibar to write a similar 'updated' view of how the evil British colonialists treated his black ancestors. After realising exactly what his Arab 'brothers' there thought of him and his theories, be decamped sharpish."

    Yes Whiskybreath, I always remember the opinions of ar' Arabs on their Black Islamic breathern, oh they where Omani's which of course was Muscat and Zanzibar in it's time.
  13. For a good book on the reality of the Mau Mau and their 'leader', Dedan Kamathi, try 'Man Hunt in Kenya' by Ian Henderson.
  14. Fromthe Myths and ledgends departemt, when I was in Brunei it was said that the Sultans Head of Intelligence was one Topper Brown. who by repute had ben Chief Executioner in Kenya in his youth and roumor control credited him with over a thousand Dropped.