New Tactical Shotgun Project

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Effendi, Mar 8, 2013.

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  1. I am going to put together a new tactical shotgun using a Mossberg 590A1, 18.5". I thought it might be interesting to show pics as the project stumbles along.

    I shall show each stage and explain my thinking behind why I have done something or used a particular component.

    First off: Why the Mossy? It is a bulletproof design that. In use with the US military where it has been abused and misused for a good few years. The only niggle tht seems to pop up from long time users is that the magazine tube spring is a tad under powered and in some weapons prone to binding up. Other than that it works fine and according to Louis Awerbuck, former Chief Instructor at Coopers Gunsite, in his course delivery experience he has seen more problems with the Remington 870 than he has with the Mossy......Louis was contracted to deliver courses to the USMC so you can imagine the number of guns on the line at any one time.

    Pics to come.
  2. the mossie 590 is a popular cheap option here in the UK too. from about £550 up.

    Mossberg - Guns, Shotguns, Rifles

    mate of mines got a nice one. heres the gun porn....



    then pimped with some bits......

    Mesa Tactical 20" rail with side saddle
    Magpul BUIS front and rear sights
    All steel Mossberg 590A1 trigger group
    2+ mag extensions and rubber coated it
    Upgraded Wolff Spring in the mag tube
    GG&G Smooth friction Hi-Vis follower
    Mesa Tactical LEO adapter
    Hougue soft pistol grip
    Magpul CRT with .70 buttpad
    After market firing pin
    Enidine 70% recoil reducing buffer tube
    DPMS Castle Nut
    Elite Tactical Advantage over sized Safety




    a 550 quid shottie with about 1500 quids worth of bits on it ^^

    looks the bizzo though.
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  3. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    I have a 500 that I got when I was 18 - 8 shot tube and fitted a steel butt plate but otherwise kept the wood furniture - great for when the natives become restless on holidays

    Will this become a beautification or a bubbification ?
  4. Can I nick "Bubbification" please as I may be part way down the line.

    Rem 870 for me though she has a 28"non ribbed barrel when I have time I will resize pics to post.
  5. Always a thing of beauty, but it must be fnctional as the intention is to attend two or three courses with it this year. It will need to be able to stand up to probably in the region of 2400 rds over 6 total training days along with extra consumption during normal range visits.
  6. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    I went for a look based on this...

  7. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Btw Bubba vs Beauty...


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  8. I think you'll like mine when its done.

    Pics as promised:

    1. Boxed


    2. Unpacked


    3. Assembled


    4. Pedigree


    Now that it is unpacked I have cycled the action 500 and a few times. This is as an alternative to stripping, and polishing parts and was recomended to me by a bloke who builds $1000 + bling tactical shotguns for people who then store them in a closet.

    A bit further down the line when I get to stripping the shotgun fully I will examin the wear areas highlighted by the cycling and maybe gently polish with a stone.

    The plan is:

    1. Install large safety.
    2. Change the plarstick stock and handguard for the more robust and overcoated with rubber Hogue stock and handguard.
    3. Change the magazine follower for one made out of Delrin plastic. Delrin is an incredibly strong and self lubricating plastic substance so the follower will never bind up.
    4. Fit a 2 round magazine extension.
    5. Drop in a Wolff magazine spring to replace the notoriously dodgy Mossy one.
    6. Change the flourescent sticker applied Mossy frontsight for a more visible fibre optic one.
    7. Fit a Mesa Tactical shell holder.

    Hopefully it will not be too blinged out and bubbified for Schaden. I personally do not like foldy, extendable stocks on shotguns - I see more facial bruises caused by these during stressfire events than a bad night on the piss in the Altstadt. I do not like peculiar optics on shotguns either - the ghost ring sight is fine out to 100 yards.

    I will take the opportunity to play with the trigger spring to see if I lke the modification. What Mossy did for the military contract was to add a second spring to the trigger spring of the Mossy 500 mechanism they used. The thinking is that they did this so that when drop tests were done there would be less chance of an ND - removing the second spring takes the trigger pull back down to the trigger pull of a standard civvy model 500.

    Pay attention now you RFD's: The magazine extension and the delrin follower come from a company called 'S & J Hardware'. They are Canadian based so they have no ITAR export problems and the man there who is an ex squaddie is looking for dealers around the world. His shotgun products are rated by many shotgunners here in the USA. I have no financial connection to him, just doing an ex-squaddie a favour.
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  9. And one to keep JJH happy. Its Pendleton.


    Pic lifted from
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  10. Moving on.

    Time to start working on the shotgun. First to be addressed, as it takes time for glue to set, is the stock set. I like the Hogue shotgun stock sets with the overmolded rubber as it provides a nice grippy non-slip finish. However, I also like the way that HK inset the rear sling attaching point into their rifles. As there is nothing out there of this kind for the Mossy I have to make my own.

    In order to butcher a Hogue stock to my liking I contact RobertRTG who deals in HK bibs n' bobs and get a sling, rear attaching point from a G3 for around $6. Then I make up a template for the attaching point hardware so that I can eyeball the position on the stock so that it is correctly positioned so that it still allows the stock attaching screw and screwdriver down to attach the newly modded stock.

    1. Side by side of the one I did 2 years ago and the new one for the present project.


    2. Taped up to protect the finish, holes made, sling attaching point trial fitted. Its also important to remove the curve of the stock so that the sling ataching point sits flat on the surface of the stock.


    3. Job done. The sling attaching point is glued on a two part epoxy and then clamped in placed. Once the epoxy has set then 3/8th inch dome headed allen bolts are threaded thru, washered and nuts fastened. Getting the nuts in place on the furthest in bolt involves chopsticks, gaffer tape and some asprins. Then the nuts and inside of the attachment point are also epoxied to add further strength. Finally masked off and a couple of light coats of matt OG paint dusted over the attachment point so that it blends in with the stock.

    In case you are wondering this picture is not the same shotgun as in pic 1 above. I actually took this pic once the other bits were completed on this gun.

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  11. I was going to buy a Mossberg until I handled one. Found it all seemed very rattly. Bought an 870 instead which I am very fond of. Had intended to pimp it but never got round to it. Maybe when I have some spare time.
  12. Alright, next job. Two things let down the Mossy: 1. The safety catch; 2. The magazine tube spring. So the safety gets swapped for a Vang Comp safety that is a tad bigger and more solid.

    1. Side by side comparison of the standard and the Vang Comp safeties.


    2. The old safety in situ. A real pig to remove as it has one of those security screws that only turns one way - theoretically. If you apply a good lubricant to penetrate the screw, leave for a while, then put in a suitable engineers screwdriver, tap it with a small rubber hammer several times, then lean hard down and turn to undo then it will come out with out resorting to plasma torches and bulldozers.


    3. The new one in place. When you remove the original there is a little ball bearing that fits in a detent to hold the safety in its selected position. This generally rolls off and hides under a convenient piece of furniture and the internal part of the safety drops onto the trigger mech. Save yourself the hassle, just remove the trigger mech before you undo the safety which makes it easier to fit the new one anyway. I have had people tell me they do the removal with the gun in a plastic bag so that they don't lose the ballbearing - just be careful.

  13. Seeing as I removed the trigger mech for the safety I took the whole thing apart and decided to fit the Mesa Tactical shell holder. MT machine an excellent product, no castings or plarstick holders, designed to be used and abused.

    1. Everything you need comes in the packet along with detailed fitting instructions and even a sticker for your bedroom wall.


    2. Fitted. Easy.

  14. I have a 590 with a 20 inch barrel that holds a bucketload of shells wheras this 590A1 with an 18.5 inch barrel only holds 5 +1 in the chamber. The simple solution is a mag extension. I have heard from people that there are many on the market but only two worth having and I chose the one made by SJ Hardware in Canada - the owner is an ex-squaddie it turned out. SJ also make a series of 12ga magazine followers out of Delrin plastic which is a naturally slippy and strong substance.

    1. The parts set unpacked and ready to fit. It also includes a front sling attaching point.


    2. The machined tube and the cnc'ed follower. The follower is whittled out of a 2 inch square lump of delrin.


    3. Follower in place.


    4. Gun showing mag extension in place.


    Its not finished yet as there are is a new front sight to come and the trigger and magazine tube spring need some work. And Boris should recognise a small roll of Coyote 500D that the thing is sitting on.
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  15. I have a thing for Mossy's. Got the first taste of a 500 with wood from John Longstaff, just after he started bringing them in, back in '77 / '78 my pistol coach got one for around 90 quid at trade price.

    You are either a Mossberg man or a Remington man, and many arguements follow.
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