New Tactical Flashes

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Fatbadge, Jan 22, 2005.

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  1. What a load of shite. Whatever was wrong with the old style Royal Engineers flash?! So now we have to wear a natty red n blue square. Im sure the badge collectors are lovin' it. me? Im just threaders with having to sew more shite on me arm... next they'll be bringing back the A trade badges, etc, etc How about a Combat Engineer badge to go below the Tac Flash? Hmm? Maybe the Satts can have a brewmaker badge 'til theyre traded?

    It's all bollocks and im not happy!! :evil:
  2. We really are starting to look like a bunch of bloody boy scouts, or worse septics. At least we haven't gone as far as crab air with "Royal Air Farce" on their 95 kit ,snazzy corporate rucksacs and brand new blue goretex jackets. Just shows what you can get if you cut a few bases. Cant wait to see our freebies when the amalgamations start.

  3. totally agree, I preferred the RE shoulder flash, definitely more 'tactical' than some gay patch on your arm, makes us look like loggies or guards wannabes.

    however, having said that, I was informed that the old RE flash was originally only supposed to be worn by 26 Armd Engr Sqn, in recognition of their serving with the mick guards in WWII. I believe they are still entitled to wear the 'Royal Engineers' with 26 beneath it, but I could be wrong. Perhaps some of our armd farmer friends could enlighten us?

    as for myself, I'll sew one on my issue combat jacket and one shirt (keeping two for dessies as directed) and continue to wear sas/para smock instead, and not wear said shirt with TRF sewn on and see how long I get away with it.
  4. Sorry to say it, fellas, but your new flash looks too much like the APTC flash for my liking. Perhaps they are just setting you up for the next round of amalgamations.

    The 'Royal Army Physically Trained Engineers Corps'.

    Good luck.