new ta int corps units???

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by whitenoisebabies, Mar 8, 2005.

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  1. hi anyone heard anything on where this second ta MI Bn is going to be formed and any possible locations
  2. An easy answer to this might be.....

    If you don't know and you can't find out, then perhaps you don't need to know, and won't find out! And if you are in the Int Corps, then top marks for asking! But bottom marks for not knowing the answer already.... :twisted:
  3. I thouhgt the expansion was for the regs not the TA?
  4. Informal briefings have started within 3 MI on the effects of FAS on the unit, but as they concern what is proposed to be submitted to whatever body that decides what will actually happen it's a bit early to start talking details. Although then I wouldn't, not on this forum anyway.

    It is nice to see the big wheel turning as it does and us returning to the relationship with the regular army that we had in the 80's. However I'm not holding my breath to hear anyone admit that the early 90's re-org was in fact a huge pile of poo ...

    The real question is where on earth are we going to get the new bodies from, it's not as if we're turning people away today and no-one's looking at arranging any more courses yet. (Note to any staff officers reading this, look at all bottlenecks in the training chain, not just the first one.)

    Locations, well we recruit from the whole of the UK and that won't change. Maybe we'll get a few more TACs if they haven't all been sold off yet.
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  6. It was a nice London back street, with stables and OTC and everything
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  8. That was new in the 80s so it didn't matter :D
  9. That one has been on the rumour mill for ages. They reckon in the North East it is a political move to make the geordies and such like look clever! That said some of the best stabs I have had to work with are from Newcastle!
  10. The new TA Bn has nothing to do with geographic location. The difference between the 2 TA Bn's is to do with their different roles.
  11. I daren't say that geographical is the most important thing look at the disparate way the battalions are structured with sections everywhere. It was just having a jibe at Geordies more than anything else.
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  13. The two new units will cover exactly the same ground as TA Int Corps cover at the moment - only more of it. We're re-organising yet again because we didn't get it right last time - or the time before that - or ... Hang on though, it's an extra Lt Col post ! Stupid of me not to spot that.

    But as we can't recruit for one Bn at the moment I'm not worrying about getting a second.

    As for applying for a commission, if you can't research that on your own then you're not what we want.
  14. miaow! saucer of milk for one! :)
  15. I would have used a smiley to indicate this was supposed to be a joke - but I regard them as one of the symptoms of what is wrong with society. In my book, when used in conjunction with more than 1 (one) exclamation mark and "txt-spk m8" they qualify the user for a trip to the Arrse pit.

    Funnily enough my wife said I was becoming less tolerant as I got older, can't see it myself.

    Anyway I've no idea about becoming an officer, never seen the point myself. I get to do something interesting and fun at the weekend while the officers sign travel claims and fill in forms.