new TA boss.


The MOD announced on 18 February 2004 that the senior management structure of the Reserve Forces is to be revised. The changes include the promotion of a Territorial Army officer to Major General, the first Reservist officer to hold such a senior post in modern times.

The new 2-Star post of Assistant Chief of the Defence Staff (Reserves and Cadets) is being created to provide an improved focus for key reservist issues, such as mobilisation planning and relations with civilian employers, and ensure better integration between the Regular and Reserve Forces. The first incumbent of the post will be Brigadier The Duke of Westminster, a distinguished TA officer, who will be promoted to Major General to take on his new responsibilities. The post will be tri-Service, so officers from the Reserves of all three Services will be eligible for consideration in the future.

Brigadier The Duke of Westminster is currently the Director of Reserve Forces and Cadets at MOD. This post will now be held by a Regular officer, acting as the deputy to the new Assistant Chief of the Defence Staff. The establishment of the new post and the Brigadier's promotion are expected to take effect in March 2004.
Ah, quilly, are you eyeing up this job for yourself in the future then?

You QOY boys are taking over the world. :roll:
according to the Army website, the new TA boss is going to be Billy Smart
couldn't be billy smart his show runs professionally and can move with no difficulty. You dn't have people in the upper echelons of the MOD who can do that :wink:
Krusty the Klown gets my vote, totally corrupt and looks after No.1
what Krusty the clown doesn't work for the mod???? :p
Though to be fair to his Grace, he doesn't have to do it for money, power favours or pension now does he? So we might finally have a DirResForces who will shake a few things up, and not bray "How high?" when the Beloved leader (Peace be to him and his) or the other pension hunting psychophants say "Jump"

I wonder if he still has that lunatic dog? :D


War Hero
Great job to give to someone with a history of chronic depression!
Should just about finish him off.
nice! :D

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