New Suspects in Bhutto Assassination

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by rukowski, Dec 31, 2007.

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  1. Just In From Pakistan

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  2. The daily express reckon there's a white fiat uno in the background
  3. Prince Phillip has been a busy boy to celebrate the tenth anniversary hasn't he?

    It's weird cos according to the Sun, Bhutto has been spotted in Morocco on a number of occasions
  4. With elvis :?
  5. I couldnt give to shits about her ugly cow does anyone on here realy care about her being snuffed?
  6. Lewis - it's yet one more demonstration on how to surpress your nuisance neighbours...

    and actually, yes I think it matters

    'The daily express reckon there's a white fiat uno in the background' - Stacker - I was near tears :)
  7. I was more worried about that gang of chavs in baseball caps mugging the poor bloke on the left.
  8. The fashion police should be more interested with the guy on the far right
  9. Coincidence that Roland Rat the Frog photographer was there, I think not. And eye witnesses claim that there was a bright flash just before the fiat panda fucked off.
  10. RIP Lady Di.
  11. Hee..Hee.. That's the McCanns on the Right Defo!!
  12. Classic :lol:

    Can't be though, she's not holding the stupid rabbit
  13. I blame them for the death of Jesus!
  14. Another one for a giggle ;)

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  15. I see a pattern here. Thats twice someone with a baseball cap has been near an explosion. We need to get a grip of these chavs.