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This one will be off the streets for a while:

For "Roofer" read Pikey. Booth Lane, Middlewich is Pikey central.

Jakey boy has a whole load of previous if you consult Mr Google including drunk driving, robbery, threatening behavious and assault.

That's nice dear, but WTF does it have to do with this thread?


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I've removed it. Fat fingers and an over-sensitive track pad on the borrowed laptop, should have been in the Pikey Watch thread.


The study is available here: The UK Veterans Family Study

Btw, I'm not involved but just trying to make it a little easier for folks to find where to go to. The website's introduction states:

Welcome to the website of the UK Veterans Family Study

The UK Veterans Family Study (UKVFS) is a unique large scale tri-service (Royal Navy, Army, & Royal Air Force) research project funded by the Forces in Mind Trust (FiMT) and the Big Lottery Fund. The study will take place across the UK in 2021-22 and is being conducted in partnership with; Glasgow Caledonian University; Anglia Ruskin University; Veterans NHS Wales and Cardiff and Vale University Health Board; and Combat Stress.
The study is being conducted by Prof Chérie Armour at Queen’s University Belfast and Professor Nicola Fear at King’s College London and aims to understand the psychosocial determinants of psychological health and wellbeing for veteran families in the UK. The study involves a survey and in-depth interviews to explore the wellbeing of veteran family members and veterans as well as experiences of support and transition to civilian life.

Are you the current or former spouse/intimate partner or adult child (now 18+) of a military veteran (who has served at least one day in the UK Armed Forces (as either a Regular or Reserve) but no longer serves in either) living in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland?

If so …