New Support Vehicle.

For those with Nanny-State access, link to the unveiling of the new Army big green truck!

If those of you can get to DVD this year, go along and some mad German MAN test driver will scare you witless on the Millbrook x-country track (and ill blag a drive if i can). Open to mil pers and apart from nearly every mil veh on show, you will see the ones that are not yet available. Last year some of the FRES type vehicles were there.

DVD Link

But is it open to Pte Joe Bloggs?
When i have applied online, i have entered my Army number etc and got a pass no problems. But bear in mind, a lot of Senior people go there, Lord Drayson was there last year and there are a fair few red tabbed officers. So if your going be on your best behaviour.
You have to wear a pass showing name and who you represent, so its easy to be pinged by the RSM when you get back after Range Rover have rung up your unit because you trashed one of their brand new Range Rover Sports on the Millbrook banking! CH did have fun last year seeing if the ABS on the Sport does kick in as much as the magazines say when you tear into a bend at 70!

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