New Supacat out next year....

Similar to the ATMP we have at the moment, just an upgraded design. Will more than likely be used as an ABTF roll, so no difference really regarding the protection side.

Its just good to see new peices of kit as long as we have a decent spares and repairs capability.
Heard about these several years ago. They were being mentioned as replacements for the old SAS "Pinkey's". Searched like mad and even spoke to the guys at Supacat, who were very coy about the whole thing. This is the first time I have actually seen one. First thoughts looks great. Second thoughts, no mention of armour or mine protection. The Supacat is not strong in this area. I think it has more range and proabably carrying capacity than a Wolf WMIK, but with only 130 on order and a shortage of 1200 WMIK and counting its a case of too little too late.
There are mine blast options on the vehicle as well as a self sealing fuel tank and endless differnt kit mounts for sight, scopes and weapons. The vehicle is also entering service in a different guise as a high mobility load carrier as well as a number being in service with certain moustache sporting units.

If you want a high mobility gun platform for desert patrol etc then there is nothing finer, if you need to save a bit of cash then there is a similar but slightly less capable offering from Pinzgauer.

If you are really skint then Jankel will do you something based on a Toyota pick up for £75K

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